Science: Meaning of Life Essay

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Science: Meaning of Life

What does science and technology mean? These are two different words comprised by different alphabetical letters. When these words are separate, they give different meaning but when combined form a specific meaning. As we have modernized ourself from past to future, in the same way science and technology has turned out and proved itself to be a great need for human beings. Science generally means to deal with creatures, environment, human life etc. physically, chemically and biologically.

It is the part of our daily life. It has totally grabbed us in itself in such a way that now it is very difficult for us to get away of it. Science has become a vital part of our life, more vital than our basic needs. Technology is the word which expresses the technique from which an object is made. Technology is also a part of our daily life. It can be said so because the technological things like mobiles, vehicles, fan, etc have made our life so easy. It is also true that life without technological things is not possible now and if it is so than it will be a great disaster for this world and also for the people living here.

If we talk about science and technology then it will be day and night but the talk wouldn’t end. It is so because it’s not a minor topic but it is a major topic not for you and me only but for whole world. Science and technology has almost captured the whole planet and it is impossible for us to survive without it. So all in all we can say that science and technology has become like a major body part for us and we can’t move ahead if it is separated from our life.

It can also be said that now our life is dependent totally on science and technological inventions and objects. If it goes on developing than we will reach on top of world but if it suddenly stops than we will return to the same position from where we started our life.

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