Science Investigatory Project Essay

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Science Investigatory Project

This study was conducted to compare the effectiveness of 150 mL wild yam (Dioscorea villosa) extract as golden apple snail (Pomacea canaliculata) molluscicide on different water level of mini-pond. This experimented study made use of One Way Analysis of Variance (ANOVA) to determine the significant difference on the mortality rate of golden apple snail when treated with 150 mL wild yam extracts on different water level mini-pond such that treatment A is 1cm water level treatment B is 2 cm water-level, treatment C is 3cm water level mini-pond.

Based on the result, treatment A with 150 mL wild yam extract 1cm water level mini-pond produced the highest mortality rate golden apple snail, followed by treatment B with 150 mL wild yam extract on 2 cm water level and lastly, treatment C with 150 mL wild yam extract on 3 cm water level mini-pond. Moreover, the result of the reaction showed that the mortality rate of golden apple snail differ significantly from each other when treated with 150 ml wild yam extract on different water level mini-pond.

So, the result of the study showed that the wild yam extract is an effective golden apple snail molluscicide. Furthermore, the researchers recommend that before the application of wild yam extract, the water level of the pond/field must not exceed to 1cm. It is also recommended that similar studies must be conducted using wild yam extract for other types of pests and find other methods of preservation of extract. The extract should be brought to Bureau of Food and Drugs (BFAD) or its related agencies for proper chemical tests of its toxic content.

Acknowledgment The researchers would like to express their heartfelt thanks and gratitude to those people who had been God’s instrument in accomplishing this research study. First, to our research teacher and adviser, Mrs. Ma. Azaleah Junex O. Tortal, for her support, encouragement, appropriate instructions, suggestions and patience in checking our works and teaching us what to do with this research study. Special thanks to Mr. Pepe V. Olaguir for giving us suggestions for the better result of our study.

A big thank you to Miss Yvonne Herrera for allowing and accommodating us to research in the school library. To our friends, classmates, teachers for their advice, encouragement and moral support that helped us overcome the obstacles to accomplish our research. To our beloved parents, for providing us financial support and assistance for providing our needs. And above all, to the Almighty God, for giving us strength, guidance, and wisdom for the accomplishment of our work. To you all, we extend our deepest thanks and gratitude. We salute you!

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