Science Investigatory Project

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Chapter I – Intro Task Context Function and Description of the Job Goals of the Project Scope and Limitations of the Task 01/07/12 Prepared by: SB Satorre 17. Job Context (must be at least 2 pages of presentation and discussions of …) The proponent ought to present the discussion of the issue, that is, what is the problem is all about. The advocate ought to explain the existing and dominating problem circumstance based upon his/her experience. This scope might be international, nationwide, or regional and regional.

01/07/12 Prepared by: SB Satorre 18.

The advocate ought to give strong reason for choosing such research problem in his/her capacity as a researcher. Being part of the company or systems and the desire and concern to enhance the systems. The researcher state a sentence or 2 that would reveal the link and relationship of the reasoning of the study to the proposed research issue. 01/07/12 Prepared by: SB Satorre 19. Function and Description of the Job What is the function of your job? What is good in your job? What makes your job unique, innovative, and appropriate? 01/07/12 Prepared by: SB Satorre 20.

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Standards in Formulating the Goals of the Task: Start with the General Goal which is very parallel to the project title. Take off the basic objective into Particular Goals that will help recognize the proposed study. Objectives must be CLEVER 01/07/12 Prepared by: SB Satorre 21. Scope and Limitations of the Project Believe the job scope as a box. High-level scope specifies the sides of package and separates what relates to your project from what is unimportant.

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The scope refers to the work that needs to be accomplished to deliver an item, service, or result with the defined features and functions. The scope discusses the nature, protection, and amount of time of the research study 01/07/12 Prepared by: SB Satorre 22.

The limitation , on the other hand, explains all that are NOT included in your project. In other words, the scope of the project gives an overview all the deliverables (i.e. the things that your project gives/delivers) , and the tools and technologies used that will be used in the project development while the limitations of the project are the boundaries of the project (i.e. areas/things that are out of scope) . 01/07/12 Prepared by: SB Satorre 23. Chapter II – Review of Related Literature 01/07/12 Prepared by: SB Satorre A survey or review of related literature and studies is very important because such reviews literature and studies serve as a foundation of the proposed study.

This is because related literature and studies guide the researcher in pursuing his research venture. 24. The following are the different ways on how the review of related literature and studies help as a guide to the researcher: They help or guide the researcher in searching for or selecting a better research problem or topic. They help the investigator understand his topic for research better.

They ensure that there will be no duplication of other studies. 01/07/12 Prepared by: SB Satorre 25. They help and guide the researcher in locating more sources of related information. They help the researcher in making his research design. They help and guide the researcher in making comparison between his findings with the findings of other researchers on similar studies with the end in view of formulating generalizations or principles which are the contributions of the study to the fund of knowledge. 01/07/12 Prepared by: SB Satorre 26. Characteristics of Related Literature and Studies The surveyed materials must be as recent as possible. Materials reviewed must be objective and unbiased.

Materials surveyed must be relevant to the study. Surveyed materials must have been based upon genuinely original and true facts or data to make them valid and reliable. Reviewed materials must not be too few or too many. 01/07/12 Prepared by: SB Satorre 27. Sources of Related Literature and Studies Books, encyclopedias, almanacs, and other similar references Articles published in journals, magazines, periodicals, newspapers, and other publications.

Manuscripts, monographs, memoirs, speeches, letters, and diaries Unpublished theses and dissertations 01/07/12 Prepared by: SB Satorre 28. The Constitution, and laws and statues of the land Bulletins, circulars, and orders emanating from government offices and departments, especially from the Office of the President of the Philippines and the Department of Education Records of schools, public and private, especially reports of their activities Official reports of all kinds, educational, social, economic, scientific, technological, political, etc. from the government and other entities Articles from the Internet 01/07/12 Prepared by: SB Satorre 29. Where to locate related literature and studies? Libraries, either government, school or private libraries Government and private offices The National Library The Library of Education The Internet 01/07/12 Prepared by: SB Satorre 30.

Review of Related Literature This portion of the proposal manuscript contains presentations and discussions of the following two (2) components: Related Theories Related Projects 01/07/12 Prepared by: SB Satorre 31. Guidelines in Writing the Review of Related Systems Related Theories Outline first, starting off with an anchor theory Supporting theories help elaborate the anchor theory Endnoting and footnoting is important which follows correct bibliography entry Fluidity and continuity should be observed Related Projects Overview of the current system/project Inventory of every related and existing projects/systems Fluidity and continuity should be observed Comparative matrix may be more appropriate Screen shots help make the presentation believable May consider 3 to 6 related studies/projects 01/07/12 Prepared by: SB Satorre 32.

Chapter III – Technical Background Guidelines in Writing the Technical Background: Overview of the current technologies (hardware/software/network) used in the current system Discussions on the current trends and technologies to be used in developing and implementing the proposed system HARDWARE SOFTWARE PEOPLEWARE NETWORK Fluidity and continuity should be observed 01/07/12 Prepared by: SB Satorre

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