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The Importance of Hands on Learning in Science
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Science is a subject that requires experiments and interactive assignments. Children can benefit from learning in a fun and inclusive environment. Studies have been conducted that children have a better learning experience when their science teachers create a hands-on learning environment. This paper will display different studies and methods in which students can benefit from hands-on learning in science. Children are being born into the most hands-on, technological time. Their needs in education can be better met by creating an…...
Piagetian theories
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The Theory Piaget's seemingly comprehensive theory has proven to be useful in many aspects of pedagogy, developmental and experimental sciences, psychology and other areas of study since inception. Nonetheless, his theories which Piaget himself described as genetic epistemology' (of human knowledge), have attracted criticisms, not unlike many alike. The concept that the development of patterns of mental and physical actions occur in stages is the core of the (systematic) study. Piaget subscribes to the school of thought that; development is…...
NCTM standards for elementary school mathematics
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The National Council of Teachers of Mathematics is a teacher support organization to improve the learning standards of mathematics and ensuring equitable access to quality mathematics teaching and learning, the organization is focused on research, professional development, advocacy, equity and curriculum instruction and assessment. The council developed ten standards based on the mathematical content and processes, according to Bassarear,(2007), those based on mathematical content include Number and Operations, Algebra, Geometry, Measurement, and Data Analysis and Probability, while the standards based…...
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