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Effect of Temperature on Lipase

It is also impossible to precisely measure out the amounts of Hydrogen Peroxide and catalase each time. As the scale on the pipettes shows the volume to the nearest mm3 the volume of the solutions that I used should be correct to the nearest mm3. The volume of gas in the test tube to start with is slightly affected by the amount which the bung is pushed down each time, if the bung is pushed ...

Laboratory Techniques & Measurements

Some new things that I learned from this lab are experimental errors can drastically effect the outcome and adding a substance such as salt to water will increase the density of water. I believe I did meet the lab objectives because in result of this lab I became familiar with lab techniques, gained experience using lab measuring devices and I learned the volume, mass, length temperature and densi...

Bromination of trans-cinnamic acid

The reaction was done in the fume hood with proper safety gloves on throughout the entire experiment. 10.0 mmol of trans-cinnamic acid was combined with 6.0 mL of glacial acetic acid with a stirbar in a 50 mL round-bottom flask. The round-bottom flask was placed on a magnetic stirrer with a separatory funnel over the flask with the stopcock closed. 8.2 Ml of 1.25 M solution of bromine in acetic ac...

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Empirical Formula Lab Report

After the lab, the inside of the crucible was black. This is because the magnesium not only reacted with the oxygen and the nitrogen in the air but also with the porcelain of the crucible. The reason for waiting for the crucible to cool before weighing it was because at higher temperatures, the molecules inside are still active, causing the weight to be off. During Trial 2, the magnesium was not p...

Report on Collegative Properties for Science

Antifreeze lowers the freezing point of an H2o based solution.Antifreeze is commonly used for airplane wings, cooling systems, and defrosting things. Antifreeze can be used to achieve high boiling points and also lower boiling points. Antifreeze keeps things from boiling and freezing all at once. It keeps things around atmospheric temperature. The amount of solute decreases the boiling point. The ...

Outline of the Final Lab Report

Research, 44(6), 1114-1128. doi:10.2166/nh.2013.076 Mishra, S., & Nandeshwar, S. (2013). A study to assess water source sanitation, water quality and water related practices at household level in rural Madhya Pradesh. National Journal Of Community Medicine, 4(4), 599-602. Potera, C. (2002). The Price of Bottled Water. Environmental Health Perspectives, 110(2), A 76. SCI207.W2.LabReportingForm...

Vernier Caliper

I am confident and now I have evidence that my lab group has properly learned how to use the Vernier caliper. We also gained the knowledge of basic measurement techniques for fundamental quantities such as length and mass, percent differences, unit conversion, and average. This lab was helpful Practice in properly using significant figures. In our ending results of this lab we found our measuremen...

Isolation of Crude Acetaminophen

It is depressed by 3.4°C and elongated by 2.2°C. A difference of less than 5°C indicates a good melting point range was obtained, though impurities may still be present. When crystals are isolated by filtration from a solvent, it is important to allow complete drying/evaporation of the solvent in order to minimize impurities and get a good melting range. Residual solvent may also function as an...

Uniform Rectilinear Motion

The result of the distance of each point was almost constant according to the previous graphics. We calculated the previous data based only on the distance it took in each constant second, (in each .2 seconds). Perhaps in this lab we learnt how an air track looks like and how to use a air track or the way its works. Also we learnt how to graphic the results of our distance, velocity and accelerat...

Neuron System Lab


Osmosis and Diffusion

Exercise 1 proved that water moves across the selectively permeable membrane of the dialysis tubing much easier than sucrose sugar does. The water moved to reach equilibrium between the solutions. Sucrose must be too large a molecule to pass through the membrane quickly. Exercise 2 showed that the potato samples took in water when immersed in a distilled water solution. Potatoes must contain sucro...

Anatomy and Physiology (M1 and D1)

Homeostasis which is the maintenance of internal body condition. The circulatory system maintains homeostasis by transporting nutrients to every cell of the body, carrying away waste products and the pH of blood (blood pH should be 7.2 [Slightly Alkaline] to much CO2 blood becomes 6.8 [Slightly Acidic]). The respiratory system maintains homeostasis as it is responsible for bringing in oxygen ( whi...

Phases of the Moon

However, at special times during the year, the earth, moon, and sun do in fact "line up". When the moon blocks the sun or a part of it, it's called a solar eclipse, and it can only happen during the new moon phase. When the earth casts a shadow on the moon, it's called a lunar eclipse, and can only happen during the full moon phase. Roughly 4 to 7 eclipses happen in any given year, but most of th...

A Trip To Moon by Apollo 1969

Transported by Herblock accomplished its purpose. The cartoon made the audience see how focused they were on that huge event, that was when men first landed on the moon. The world was and still is falling apart, but because the greatest moment of time was happening amidst all the chaos of the world people got distracted by this important event. The famous cartoonist accomplished his purpose on tel...

Evaluation of a Gas Constant (Experiment)

This lab was supposed to generate numbers close to the R constant by plugging in the values acquired in reaction Magnesium and Hydrochloric acid reaction. (The reaction results in H2 gas.) The mean acquired from our data set was .0737 L-ATM/mol-K as opposed to the actual constant .08206 L-ATM/mol-K. The constant we acquired was much lower in value, potentially due to the outlier in our data set: T...

Experiment 1: Bromination of Acetanilide1 Precautions

Waste Disposal: Place the filtrate from the reaction in the basic halogenated waste. Place the filtrate from recrystallization in the halogenated waste (as it may contain some p-bromoacetanilide). For your lab report: Continue in your lab notebook from the prelab. Complete the tables and show all calculations (clearly label where each calculation is in the notebook by providing each calculation wi...

Biology on The Performance of An Enzyme

Tymoczko, J. L., Berg, J. M. and Stryer, L. (2006). Biochemistry (6th edition). New York, NY: W. H. Freeman and Company. es. Park,C. & Zipp, E.The effects of Temperature and pH on Enzyme Kinetics. Retrieved from http://www.rpi.edu/dept/chem-eng/Biotech-Environ/Projects00/temph/enzyme.html Lab manual- BCH4053L. Retrieved from http://www.chem.fsu.edu/chemlab/bch40...

Albert Einstein's Letter to Phyllis Wright

The purpose of Einstein’s letter to Phyllis Wright, or the point he’s trying to get across, is done beautifully as he explains at the end of the letter, “In this way the pursuit of science leads to a religious feeling of a special sort, which is indeed quite different from the religiosity of someone more naïve” (Einstein 10). Of course, for the occasion of his letter, his context is well ...

Early Cells

5. If you were to continue this experiment by removing the egg from the water and covering it in syrup, what do you think would happen. Explain your prediction. (If you choose to test your prediction, be sure to allow at least 24 hours before making your observations. And, of course, handle the egg very carefully!) If I were to put the same egg in a syrup solution, I believe the thin membrane that...

Determination of Asa Content of Aspirin

had been reached. It may also happen that some titrant lands on the table instead of inside the flask. Some of the powder may have remained on the sides of the mortar and pestle, and thus reduced the quantity of aspirin in the experiment to cause less ASA present. There may also be errors in observing the colour change of the indicator at the end point. This is probably the most common one. Not on...

Bacterial Transformation with pGLO

Exercise A: Introduction to Sterile Technique (in lab session) You will practice using sterile technique, as instructed at the beginning of lab session, before you do the experiment. When culturing bacteria, you must not introduce other, contaminating bacteria into your culture. Potentially contaminating bacteria are ubiquitous; they are found everywhere (including on the bench top and on your han...

Tuskegee Experiment

"The US president also vowed that all human medical studies conducted today will be held to exacting US and international legal and ethical standards. Furthermore, we hope that the lessons learned from the Syphilis Study and its implications have led to alternative strategies to improve the public’s health, as the health community strives to meet the unique challenges of the 21st century. The le...

Kansas Is Flatter Than a Pancake

The common method to measure the flatness is “flattening ratio”. Flattening ratio is define as the length of an ellipse’s semi-major axis ‘a’ is compared with this measured semi-minor axis ‘b’ using the formula for flattening, f=(a-b)/a. for perfect flatness, the flatting ratio ‘f’ will be one. Where as an ellipsoid with equal axis length, the ratio ‘f’ will be zero. For calc...

Column and thin layer chromatography

http://www.rpi.edu/dept/chem-eng/Biotech-Environ/CHROMO/chromintro.html.Retrieved 8/11/13 [3] University of Colorado at Boulder, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistryhttp://orgchem.colorado.edu/Technique/Procedures/Columnchrom/Columnchrom.html [4] Bayquen, A., Cruz C., de Guia, R., Lampa, F., Peña, G., Sarile, A. and Torres, P. (2009). Laboratory Manual in Organic Chemistry. Manila: C & E ...

Effect of lipid solubility on permeability of plasma membrane

1. Stop the timer promptly as soon as the ‘X’ print on the paper is clearly visible as can be seen in control experiment to ensure the time recorded is more accurate. 2. Measure all the 5 solutions properly using measuring cylinder, so that all the solution used are relatively of the same amount. Ensure the eyes’ of observer are perpendicular to the scale of measuring cylinder to minimize pa...

A Thermoacidophile - Combination of Thermophile and Acidophile

The findings could also lead to a whole host of biotechnological applications. For example, the Aquificales bacteria have enzymes involved in the production of hydrogen that could be used in developing biofuels. Also, the bacteria thrive in environments with high levels of metals and thus could also offer new bioremediation pathways to remove them from contaminated sites. Additionally, the Aquific...

Tripartite Theory of Knowledge

Although every theory of knowledge so far has solid counter examples, there is no doubt Gettier rocked the philosophical world when he successfully challenged the Tripartite Theory of Knowledge. Philosophers will continue to argue that Gettier's cases are not really cases of justified true belief or that Gettier's cases really are cases of knowledge after all. Perhaps the one thing all philosopher...

Melting Point Determination

Thus, in addition to the melting point acting as a useful guide in identification, it also can be a particularly effective indication of sample purity. The effectiveness of this technique depends on the relative solubility of the substances in each other. The usefulness of mixed melting points is limited in that you must have some idea of the chemical nature of your unknown compound and a sample o...

Heat of neutralization

In contrast when volume is constant, changes in energy (q) can be related to changes in the internal energy, ΔErxn.2 In this experiment the neutralization of sodium hydroxide (a strong base) with hydrochloric acid (a strong acid) and acetic acid (a weak acid) will be investigated. The base is present in slight excess and, therefore, the acid is the limiting reagent and determines the number of mo...

Contemporary International System

The determining factor of ones class is ones relationship to the means of production. Inequality in power and wealth was a moral concern for Marx. Some groups dominate others to win for themselves a huge share of society’s wealth, power, and privileges. Marx aimed at a society where all enjoy more or less equal wealth of society. Marxists believe that social analysis should focus on class struct...

Early Brain Development

Parents play an essential role in child development. Some ways parents can encourage child development is by doing normal stuff like talking to them, playing with them, singing to them or even providing them with toys. List and explain three or more assistive technology device used with children with learning disorders and special needs. What are the benefits of this technology for children? Digi...

Agar Cubes Lab Report

It's clear to see that the cubes in which most of their volume changed color were the smaller ones. The 1cm Clear cube had 100% of it's volume diffused. The smaller agar cubes will be more efficient in diffusion because smaller agar cubes have a bigger surface area to volume ratio. The pink agar cubed immersed in Hydrogen chloride (HCl) had a faster process of diffusion than the clear agar cube i...

Fractional Distillation

2) The HETP value and efficiency of separation can be affected by experimental errors. A) If the HETP sample was collected midway through the distillation, the mole fraction of cyclohexane:toluene would be much lower, which would in turn yield a higher HETP value. B) If all of the liquid distilled within 5 minutes of heating, a higher HETP value would be found again because all of the toluene woul...

Types of Muscles

Describe d happen in the following experiment: A 2.5-g weight is attached to the end of the isolated whole skeletal muscle used in these experiments. Simultaneously, the muscle is maximally stimulated by 8.5 volts and the platform supporting the weight is removed. Will the muscle generate force? Will the muscle change length? What is the name for this type of contraction? The muscle will still gen...

Moment of Inertia

The moment of inertia is not only to the mass and the radius of the rigid body but it is also dependent on the axis of rotation. That is why if the mass of a particular rigid body is said to be constant the moment of inertia is not constant. For the rotational analog it is not in uniform angular motion. In the experiment this was demonstrated by getting the acceleration or the change in velocity....

Determination of riboflavin by using UV-vis

The differences happened maybe due to the some error such as systematic error either it is personal error or instrumental error. Personal error was happened cause by the inattention or carelessness when conducted the experiment, maybe wrong in estimating the level of the liquid with the respect to graduation in pipette when using the pipette for measuring and deliver the sample solution. Besides f...

Column and Thin layer Chromatography

The beaker is covered with watch glass so that the atmosphere remains saturated with solvent vapour. Saturation of atmosphere is important because it hinders the evaporation leading to the rising up to the plate. There is a separation of components of siling labuyo at different rates. In Table 2, it shows the amount of distance travelled by each component. Orange component shows that it remains in...

WGU Biochemistry GRT1 Task 1 Lipids

Hudon-Miller, S. (2013, April). How Do Fatty Acids Make Energy? Retrieved from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O8Yh6Zf51qc #t=304 Mandal, A. (n.d.). What Are Lipids? Retrieved from http://www.news-medical.net/health/What-areLipids.aspx Mandal, A. (n.d.). Lipid Health and Nutrition. Retrieved from http://www.news-medical.net/health/LipidHealth-and-Nutrition.aspx Smith, M., Paul, M., & Segal, R....

Synthesis of Acetylsalicylic Acid

Heat and addition of water was also done for effiecient production of the desired product. The percent yield obtained for this experiment is 69%. Low %yield can be caused by insufficient heating and that the product was lost in the filter paper because of prolonged air drying. The next step that was done was the recrystallization of the crude sample to obtain a more purified organic compound. Recr...

Liver Enzyme Lab Report

Does the surface area of the liver affect the rate at which the reaction occurs? (Hypothesis) If the surface area of the substrate is affected, than the reaction rate will increase or decrease. The more surface area you have to volume ratio, the quicker the reaction. The ground liver produced more bubbles than the whole liver. 2 (whole) compared to 4 (ground). The data does support the hypothesis ...

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