Schools Should Not Have Strict Dress Code

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Schools around the country face criticism for strict dress code policies. The problem is that schools have strict dress codes that irritate kids and in a way they discriminate against girls, especially girls of color. Also strict dress code prevents students from doing well in school and not a lot of students can express themselves because of strict dress codes. Most of them claim to be uncomfortable because of the irritating dress code rules. Well, in my opinion, schools should have a more relaxed dress code, and that the dress code in schools should be fair and enforced upon everyone, rather than targeting one specific gender.

Students fall behind in class when dealing with dress code punishments and that affects students’ learning and education. Also in some schools about 50% of students in classes fail because of their clothing which violates the dress code policy. It’s funny how schools claim that dress code, make a professional environment. Good thing most schools modified there dress codes because they got lots of complaints from parents and children and they even got a total of 3,000 signatures from girls only.

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They started a campaign all for strict dress codes. Eric withers spoon a principal from a school said we wanted students to know that your body is your body and we want you to feel proud and comfortable in your skin. The American Civil Liberties Union is a civil rights group. They say dress codes are legal as long as they do not treat boys and girls differently.

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Dress Codes Target Girls

Unfortunately the girls have a limited amount of clothing to wear because most of themviolate the school dress code because they distract the boys. Schools make it seem that girls are to blame for the disruption of boys. I believe that the dress code in schools should be fair and enforced upon everyone, rather than targeting one specific gender. I witness boys being told to pull their pants up and then they’d be sent back to class. If it was another situation where the female was breaking dress code she would be sent to the office and asked to call her parents, so she can change her clothing. Girls are not able to express themselves due to dress codes.

Girls like wearing shorts over their knees or tights and tank tops, that’s how they express themselves, but dress code just stops it from happening. NWLC (National Women’s Law Center) did a report on school dress code and they found out that most suspensions in some schools are 75% for girls clothing that violates the dress code. Schools should really take the time and think about if they should relax their dress codes. The new dress code you cannot wear clothes that show illegal items or bad words. Can’t reveal undergarments or dangerous accessories that is a relaxed dress code.

In most schools African Americans are discriminated more than white girls. Did you know African Americans are 5 and a half more likely than white girls to get suspended. You know how white girls express themselves African Americans express themselves by braids, hair extensions, afros and traditional head wraps that are called gele and traditional clothes. All of those are against dress code rules which make African American more likely to get suspended. NWLC did a report and they found that 21 black girls went to 12 district schools and they all faced common punishments for violating dress code rules. Most schools assume African Americans are in gangs and like to do bad stuff and they act cool, that’s kind of why they get punishments for dress code rules. Now students different race, body shape, gender, background can express themselves.

In conclusion, dress codes are targeting females the most. Schools make it seems like girls are to blame for the disruptions of boys. Most people believe school dress codes are sexist and racist, The dress code should be applied upon everyone, rather than targeting one gender and one body type. Instead of always discriminating girls because of what they wear, schools should be creating a learning environment where everyone is treated equally and feels comfortable in what they wear. Most of schools did the right thing and changed dress codes so they are more relaxed and the rest of the schools should be following the same action. Students are happy, especially girls because they don’t have a limited amount of clothes to wear and they can express themselves. Dress code is legal, but they shouldn’t treat boys and girls differently.

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