Schools in Korea and America Essay

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Schools in Korea and America

Every society has different values, standards of judgment, and tastes. This fact makes that every society has a different culture. Today, there are so many schools in the world and each country school has own character. Schools in Korea and America have a great number of similarities and differences. Both Korean and American schools have several similarities. To begin with, elementary schools are quite similar: there is one teacher for all subjects for each grade, and the classes are coeducational and the majority of the teachers are women.

In addition, the subjects taught at the elementary schools are similar such as reading, writing, mathematics, music, sports and art. In addition, both Korean and American elementary students spend approximately the same number of learning hours per day per week in school: they usually spend about seven to eight hours in a day. In addition, both countries require children to attend school for at least nine years. Usually children start school at age six, and leave at age sixteen.

And after elementary school each country’s middle school has a different teacher for each subject. In spite of these similarities between Korean and USA schools, there are a great number of differences. In Korea, There are six years of elementary school and three years of middle and high school separately. While in America, schools are divided into eight years of elementary and four years of high school. Furthermore, all Korean students who are supposed to graduate from middle school have to choose between academic preparatory and vocational training in high school.

In contrast, American students do not have to choose like Korean students do, but they also have to consider about what direction they are going to be going in: between college preparation and vocational study. Anyone graduating high school in the United States has the opportunity to go to college, although Korean graduating vocational high school students are not qualified to enter the college. University matriculation systems are also different. In Korea, admission to university depends on examination results, That is one of hot issues of Korean education.

For instance, in Korea there is a chart about university evaluation ranking. As a result of this education system, Korean students tend to excel in subjects requiting memorization. However, most students have difficulty in adjusting to curriculum at college such as writing essay or discussion because these are unfamiliar to them. However, American universities are relatively focus on student’s background in terms of school GPA, social activities, voluntary service or writing application essay. Therefore, American high school students should focus on not only exam score, but also other activities to enter the college.

This school education seems more helpful to students in the long term than in the short term. Another main difference is in school and classroom styles: Korean schools, except elementary schools, usually want students to wear uniforms and are divided into male school and female school, whereas in the USA, a few schools require students to wear uniforms and rarely are schools separated into boy and girl schools. In addition, like the past, there is still physical punishment depending on each teacher in Korean school.

Even though it has almost disappeared today, it still remains in case students do not comply with a teacher’s request or a rule of the school. For example, if students do not do their homework by due day, some teachers strike on students’ palms or hips by a stick like a ruler or even a billiard cue. It is actually depending on each teacher’s taste. Such a bad custom was caused by the fact that there were too many students in each class in the past: it might be an easy way for one teacher to teach fifty to sixty adolescent students.

However, teachers at school in the USA cannot inflict corporal punishment on their students at all because no matter where they are not allowed to punish students physically. They usually give a verbal warning or give a penalty point. For example, when students do not do homework or make noise during class, the students’ grade will be reduced by penalty. Another difference in classroom is that in Korean school, after finishing a daily lesson, before going home, all students have to clean up their classrooms, hallways or rest rooms, which are divided by each class.

As students clean up such places themselves through school, they learn how to clean up other places too, whereas after all sessions, American students do not have to clean up their classrooms after classes. To sum up, schools in Korea seem similar to schools in American or different from America. It is true between Korean schools and American schools there are more differences than similarities. Although there are some faults with each system, schools in each country are fitted by circumstances, economics, and traditions. Therefore, no one can judge which school system is the best.

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