Schools: Education and Students Essay

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Schools: Education and Students

There have been many recent reports, and research studies about cheating among students in schools. There are many different versions of cheating: copying home work, looking at another individual’s test paper and plagiarizing. This serious issue affects many students throughout their education and should be dealt with. Cheating in schools, caused mainly by students’ fear of failure or their inability to match the exam requirement skills, has a negative impact on the students’ personal life and their academic attitude as well.

Body Paragraph:

Paragraph 1: Cause 1: Being afraid of failure is considered as the most important reason as to why students engage in exam cheating. This is because some students think that they will be in a big problem in case of exam failure. Some of the perceived problems are parents who always complaining every time a student gets bad marks . Other students are afraid because they think that their friends and relatives might laugh at them and look down at them . While others might be more serious and think that exam failure will result into dark educational futures.

Paragraph 2: Effect 1:

Students that copy other student’s work are hurting themselves in the long run. Their creativity level drops every time they copy or have someone else do their work. After some time of copying , the student’s ability to think creatively and successfully decreases. “Educators must continue to socialize students of all ages about the importance of maintaining high ethical standards,” (Glazer 222). Also, students also begin to lose the sense of responsibility when they have other people do their work. They don’t feel that they have to do any effort to get a good grade in a certain exam , only that as long as they turn in a paper, their thoughts or not, they will receive credit for the assignment along with a passing grade.

Paragraph 3: Cause 2:

•Some other students tend to cheat in exams because they are unable to meet the skills needed in the exams. This is because they lack individual skills and self confidence when facing the exams while other students cannot do the exam because it may be too difficult or much higher above their level. Other students have these self imposed ideologies where they believe that they are not smart enough to pass the exams. Because of these ideologies, these students usually stay idle instead of working hard and therefore taking the decision to cheat in the exams rather than to work and do their best to pass the exam .

Paragraph 4: Effect 2:

These people that cheat will go through life expecting someone else to always be there to do their work.The habit of cheating is going to have a big negative influence of their future career.. They will be below the level needed to be qualified for a certain career. When the time comes that they will actually have to do the work themselves, they will not be able to do their work on their own or when and how to start a certain required task . They won’t be able to take responsibility for the things they do and they will never be able to think something up on their own.


School systems today should be fixed in their rules, guidelines and consequences so as students will not have the chance to cheat .Also, there must be some awareness campaigns in schools about the dangers of cheating on personal and academic life. Besides the importance of the role of media and the different web sites in raising the awareness of both the students and the parents in regard to this issue and showing how it can have a dangerous impact on the society and the individuals as well .

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