Schools and Delinquency Essay

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Schools and Delinquency

The research done on chapter 5 from the book juvenile justice is very interesting to say the least. The way it made the information on it easy to understand is very helpful to me.. Also the research done describes the truancy and dropout rate and the thing that the state is doing to prevent them from increasing more. One of the reasons why researchers think that drop out accrues is because of the race or the ethnicity. One thing that is for sure is that they don’t know the order in which delinquency accurse whether it’s due to drop out or the other social factors or maybe something that’s happening in the youth’s family.

They have put up curfews and other programs that have proven to drop the dropout rate and truancy. Which I think is great because the less time the youths have outside the less likely they are to get involved with gangs or start abusing drugs or alcohol. Another research is the shooting rate in schools and how it is a rare crime compared to any other youth related crime, and because it is a rare crime the media covers it and I shock the nation because of it.

Because of this the states have given more funding’s to make the schools safer. They want to make sure that the schools are a place where the students can feel safe and not have to worry about being in danger all the time. But still schools still continue to have a high level of crime in them even with all the precautions that are being taken. Most of the time having to do with bullying or sometime it has to do with the fact that students are being introduced to illegal drugs in school premises.

The research on bullying say that bullying is one of the factors in school shootings, and because of this research they have started to make programs for anti-bullying. Research also says that males are more likely to report being bullied than females. I think that this is because of the reason the females are more afraid of what is to happen then the males. Also they say that bullying has an effect on attendance for the reason that some kids don’t want to go to school for the reason that they are scared of the people there, and also it has proven to ave a long lasting effect that affect the victim of bullying for long periods of time.

The way I think schools should deal with troublesome or kids engaged in delinquency are these. I think that they should be put in different classes. So that the teachers are more focused on the troublesome students and not have to worry about the other well behaved students. Another way to handle this situation is to make a school for youths that are going down the path of delinquency. In this school they should have stricter rules on attendance.

If they missed school for to many days they should be taken on a trip to show them what there life could be in the future. I have seen a show where the parents take action and put their kids in a program where they take them to jail and they are treated like criminals. They also introduce them to male and female prisoners that yell and tell them the reasons why there are where they are. Some of the times this program helps put the youth back on track and show them that what they are doing is bad and the life that they could be living is behind bars in a squared box.

In my opinion the schools are doing everything in their power to help the trouble some students. I do believe that some teachers don’t worry as much for the youths that are misbehaving because they think that they will get nowhere in life. For this reason is why I think that we should make the things that I mentioned earlier a must that way they get the attention that they need to get and everyone is learning in one way or another.

From my experience I think that it is necessary to take action now. I have seen many people drop out of school because they thought that what they are learn is use less but because most of the time teachers don’t give them the attention they needed because sometimes when youth misbehaved was because they thought that the work was hard and the teachers would not help them with it because they may have not cared about them because of the way they behaved.

Being involved in a youth’s life is important for many reasons and one main reason is so that the youth does not fall into the wrong steps in life. Having read all this research on delinquency has opened up my mind that it does not only happen for one reason but for many like for example being bullied or not understanding the work given to them at school and acting out on it in a bad way so that their peers don’t realize the reasons to why they never want to do their work.

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