Schools Essay Topics

Views on bullying in schools

a) Legal View The legal system rarely deals with cases of bullying though there are some laws that have been set up to fight against it. This is mainly because there are many cases of bullying that are not very serious. The legal system hence allows the school to deal with these small minor cases…. View Article

Sex, schools and students

‘Sex, schools and students’ is an article by Fatima Measham, who looks at the controversies surrounding where and how lessons on sexual health should be taught by examining two arguments by Associate Professor Anne Mitchell and Christy Measham, an education officer. Amid the trend of young people being increasingly involved in sexual activity, the article… View Article

Implementing Computer Technology in Secondary Schools

In 1999, The International Association for the Evaluation of Educational Achievement (IEA) conducted a study on pedagogical practices of teachers and students of elementary and secondary schools in 30 nations, and the role of technology the said practices (“The Second Information Technology in Education Study: Module 2”, n. d. ). It was found out that… View Article

Junk Food in Schools

The school bell rings, signaling the start of the lunch hour and the kids all head out to the same direction: the cafeteria. After hours of sitting through class after class, their minds get weary from having to cram all that information into their heads. Consequently, the need for sustenance is almost always overpowering. Lining… View Article

World Without Public Schools

Should America have public schools, or would we do better without them? Nothing is more important to this country than the transformation of children into educated American citizens. That’s what public schools are for, and no institutions are better suited to the role–in principle. They used to fill it with distinction. But there’s no reason… View Article

Uniforms For Public Schools

Since the mid 1990s an increasing number of public schools nationwide have been implementing policies aimed at restricting the dress code of students. Uniforms are not a completely new phenomenon to American society. Traditionally most private schools have adopted strict uniform policies for its students. Within the American public school system, however, this trend is… View Article

Uniforms in Public Schools

Since crime is a staple in almost every community, it only follows that public schools, as indispensable institutions in the community, may be vulnerable to criminal predicaments, if not inevitable victims of crime altogether. Crimes in public schools range from trivial to serious cases. According to a DPI news release, most of these crimes have… View Article

Middle schools

There are some types of conditioning that are employed in middle schools and high school settings. Take for example when the teachers enter the classroom, students are “conditioned” to react in certain ways. Thus, this depends on what they are used to and how teachers will treat such type of behaviors. The initial reaction of… View Article

Segregation in desegregated schools

The debate regarding the effects of grouping students in an effort to teach them well is as old as the actual delivery of instruction itself (Slavin, 1997). The argument has given rise to questions such as: Should students be assigned to groups based on ability? Should teachers group students within the class? Are different groups… View Article

eligion In United States Public Schools

The answer of the question is that students should be allowed to express any religion in United States Public Schools. I based my answer on the fundamental principles of the state with respect to the right to practice religion as well as my personal opinion. Therefore, I would like to submit that students in the… View Article

American Indian Boarding Schools

The establishment of the schools for Native Americans is not a new phenomenon as efforts were made at in the 19th century with emphasis being placed on the development of educational facilities where American Indian’s children could get educated through boarding schools. The aim was to bring them into the mainstream American society and to… View Article

Compare and Contrast: Schools

Choosing a college could be hard like if your choosing the University of Nevada, Las Vegas or University of California, Los Angleos. They have many similarities but there has to be something different about them that helps you choose a decision but you cant find it. Is it the environment that surrounds each of the… View Article

The schools of organization theories

The schools of organization theories serve as the poles of support in keeping the order in an organization through the organizational functions. Each school of thought functions in a unique way causing changes in a certain work environment. The four schools of organizations theories that were listed are the human relations approach, neo- human relations… View Article

Purpose of Schools

School is an institutional mechanism that tries to share knowledge and/or be an agent for social action. Looking back to the ancient history of schools, some schools of ancient Israel for example feel that the main purpose of education was to ‘produce faithful members of a nation – a son who would bring pride to… View Article