Aspiring to be the School Captain

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ood morning boys, girls, instructors and moms and dads my name is XX. Although I only started here at the start of this year for the OC, I've already been included in lots of aspects of School life here at I have actually represented or taken part in various school occasions such as district swimming, school band, keyboard show, relationship friends, PSSA soccer, Milo Cup cricket, District Cross Nation, Inter School Chess and recorder ensemble at the Opera Home.

At each of these events I have actually always tried my best or pursued the school motto "pursue Excellence" as well as and displayed excellent sportsmanship.

Why am I choosing school captain? I am opting for school captain due to the fact that I desire to represent my school in the best method possible and put something back into the school which has actually given me so many chances not offered at my previous school. I am likewise choosing Captain because I wish to make the very best commitment to this school.

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I will lead this school so it can have a tighter relationship with both trainees and the community.

I understand that I have to give up my own time for this school and everyone at this school but I’m very happy to do just that. I believe if elected, I would make a great school Captain as I enjoy helping others and believe I always set a good example for other students to follow, both in and outside the classroom.

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I always like to try my best at anything and everything I do and I enjoy contributing to the school in any way possible. The school motto is “Strive for Excellence” and that is what I hope to do if I am elected Captain.

I see a School Captain as having a key role in being a good role model and leader to the younger students, especially through our four main School Rules related to being environmentally friendly, being a good learner, respectful and safe. These are all areas that I strong conviction would be just that person. So you should remember to make me school Captain because I’m fit for the job and make sure you put the number 1 next to my name and photo which is at the bottom right of the voting card. II would like to finish by wishing the other nominees good luck and thank you for listening to my speech.

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