School Uniforms - Pros & Cons

Nowadays it’s argued whether or not school uniforms should be banned, there are many advantages and disadvantages to this argument some students believe it can cause stress to look better than other students because there wearing the same clothes. On the other hand, some students believe it doesn’t show there personality and style. Some parents believe that school uniform is too expensive, especially if coming from a larger family.

An advantage of uniforms is everyone would be dressed the same and wouldn’t make people feel uncomfortable about not looking good enough and will stop people from worrying to have to buy expensive clothes.

School uniforms can benefit others but not everyone as certain people can’t afford it. I strongly believe in this point as people wouldn’t feel as pressed to impress their friends.

Another advantage of uniforms is that it represents your school and gives the impression that you go to a good school with a good education.

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Therefore in other schools, they don’t have a school dress code in which makes the pupils look like they don’t even go to school and could make the school have a bad reputation. I robustly believe that pupils look better in uniform because there are days in which you get to wear your own clothes such dress down day,

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