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School Uniforms: Pros and Cons

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Whether or not students should wear school uniform has been debated a countless times for years now. Every school has a different dress code to the other but one thing is for certain, wearing school uniform is better than coming in casual clothes. School uniforms treat everyone has equal ensuring that bullying related to clothing does not occur. School uniforms also represent schools and unlike what many believe, school uniform is much cheaper than casual clothing in the long run. All students should wear school uniform to school.

School uniform does one thing that casual clothing can never possibly do; treat everyone the same. When in school uniform, everyone is equal to each other and not inferior in any way. With the use of casual clothing however, the equality is lost. Students can get savagely bullied everyday because of the clothing they like to wear. This can lead to demoralisation, depression and anxiety. Not only is bullying a result of casual clothing but when students wear casual clothing, a families status in society is also revealed.

Someone with a rich family can wear super fancy things while a family whose financial balance is not that good will have to result in having to send their child in mediocre clothing.

For a lot of students, this will be very embarrassing. Casual Clothing creates a monetary social divide in the school which can not be avoided and causes many students to get bullied and therefore, students should simply wear school uniform instead.

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