School Uniforms Essay

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School Uniforms

This essay will discuss about school uniforms. This is important because school uniforms is a big topic with a lot of opinion, so now i will tell my opinion about it. As an example for a pro argument is that every student would be seen as equal. And for a counter argument would be that they can’t express their own individuality. It is firmly my belief that school uniforms is not needed in school.

One of the most common argument that you hear is about bullying. But if someone in the school wants to bully someone they don’t care about the clothes that the person is wearing. So what i mean is that even if we would have uniforms they will find something else to bully the person for. But it might make people understand that they should not judge people of what they are wearing.

A lot of people talk about individuality, and a uniform would stop so that you can’t express yourself through your cloths. And this is an important time in a teens life to be able to find yourself, where you belong and where you feel comfortable. And this will affect how you are as a person when you become older. But on the other hand you should be able to express yourself through your appearance not only buy clothes.

A big problem with school uniforms would cost for the uniforms. It would not be that much of a cost , but if you have more than one child it would be a lot of money in the length of time and especially when the children is in the state of growing so they would need to buy new uniforms quite often. to summarize it all together, it would be hard to say to the students that they would need to wear uniforms because we need our clothes to feel safe as who we are and it would not live up to what they expected as a result if we were given uniforms. This is a big topic that have both pro and cons argument but mine opinion will always be against school uniforms.

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