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School Uniform in Greece and Great Britain

The school uniform used to be an institution both in Greece and in other countries, and nowadays things have changed. Zacharaki M.(2018) says that the school uniform prevailed for nearly three decades in Greece. Originally girls were wearing uniforms in black color until 1965 and then changed to blue.

Each girl had to wear the badge in which was written the name of the school and her class while the length of the uniform had to be below the knee. On the other hand, Thanopoulou A.

(2014) states that boys were wearing blue trousers, white collar tops and hats that had an owl designed on them. The school uniform was abolished in 1980. Most of the Greek population saw positively this development while others believed that this would cause indiscipline to the pupils.

Today, the school uniform remains mandatory in the schools of Great Britain as well as in states that maintain the British education and clothing system. In recent years in Greece there has been a change in the way students dress up because of the standards that dominate.

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