School Polcies Essay

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School Polcies

In the school display policy it should include the aim and objectives for the display. It is there to stimulate learning environment. It helps a child to gain new information and also to build their learning skills. The displays must be kept in good condition and also where possible trimmed and mounted. Staple guns and sharp pins should be kept out of reach of children and also removed properly when taking down old posters. A person may use different materials to help their posters look better and more eye catching for the children.

Posters should be mounted in different ways and in different varieties. Heading, titles, letters and information must be written clearly for children to read. Display areas must be kept tidy and clean to prevent accidents. Display areas can be in the corridors, the classroom and outside the principal’s office. Staff must take pictures and record evidence for their reference. Staff have responsibility to ensure that the posters are kept in good condition and also to use health and safety procedures while putting up displays.

Staff must use staple guns rather than pins as this could be dangerous if children get their hands on it. Staff must know how to approach hanging up displays that are high by using ladder not standing on chairs and tables. In the display policy it includes to use spray glue not super glue and this contains many dangerous chemicals. Display policy outline the rules and regulations that staff and students need to know before they are able to put displays up.

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