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School PE lessons Essay

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In this stretch, I am stretching my neck joints and the trapezius. I am now stretching my deltoid. The working muscles here are my triceps. I am stretching my quadriceps. In this stretch, I am stretching my gastrocnemius. By moving my hips, I am stretching the muscles within. My final stretch and I am stretching my hamstring. iii) Appropriateness of chosen exercise The plan of my circuit

1. Shuttle run – this is my first station. Here I am going to need to mark out with 2 cones a few metres apart, a reasonable distance to be able to run within.

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With this exercise I am hoping to improve my speed as I run from each cone and run back; this will help improve my skill in cricket for running from the stumps. I am aiming to improve my hamstring in this exercise so my leg muscles can build up to be strong enough to run for a long amount of time.

2. Ball toss – from the shuttle run I am going to be tired and therefore I am going to take my heart rest rate after that. Once recovering, the ball toss test will once again raise my pulse and make it more challenging for me. For the ball toss test I need a tennis ball and a timer at which I will time myself for a certain amount of time and attempt to achieve a reasonable score for my cricket skill. I am hoping for this station to improve my coordination skills for my accuracy in cricket when hitting the ball. This exercise cannot really improve any of my muscular system however it can maybe make me tired raising my pulse rate.

3. Step ups – this station should hopefully improve my quadriceps as well as my gastrocnemius. I am going to attempt to do as many as possible in a certain amount of time. Because we are doing the step ups in the sports hall, I am going to need to use the school benches. I think this exercise could improve quite an important skill for cricket like when standing out on field or as wicket keeper. Being out on the field for a long amount of time I will need good leg strength and this exercise will let me build up my muscles appropriately.

5. Bench jump – this is an exercise which I have made up on my own. Using the school benches, I am going to place both my hands on the bench, standing up and bending over one side with both hands placed on the bench and from there, I am going to jump from left to right continuously back and forth. I am aiming for this exercise to improve my agility. Agility is a very important skill that I need for my cricket and this exercise should hopefully improve it as I jump from side to side.

6. Reaction ball – after doing an exercise which consists of a lot of movement, this reaction ball exercise could maybe lower my heart rate but still improve my coordination skill. For this exercise I am going to need to use the reaction ball, which has smooth bumps around a normal ball and as you hit it against the wall it bounces off at random directions causing me to keep my eye on the ball and be on my feet constantly. This exercise will probably be the most effective of them all because if I am playing in the fielding position, I am going to definitely have to keep my eye on the ball and be ready for wherever the ball will be hit.

7. Agility run – finally this exercise will make my pulse rate rise very quickly and therefore I am going to need my warm down to be very effective. I am hoping for this exercise to improve my agility as much as any of the other exercises because in cricket, I am going to be running from wicket to wicket quite a lot and turning swiftly is a crucial aspect of the skills. For the agility run I am going to place out a few cones in a line and then going round in a circuit. I will need to start by lying on my stomach flat on the floor and then running in and out of the cones trying to achieve the best time possible. I am going to measure my heart rate after this exercise because this will be the end of my session and after doing all the different stations I think this would be the best point to measure it.

Appropriate application

How is my training going to progress? My training programme is going to have to be specific to the energy system that I want to improve. I am going to progress by starting slowly and building up each week. My body is going to take time to adapt to the changes that I am going to try and make and therefore if I do too much, I could injure myself. I am going to need to work harder so I can improve more – this is overloading the body system. I cannot overload in one go because I will not be able to cope with such a rapid change in my exercise targets. I need to gradually make my tasks harder – this is progression.

Every week I am going to increase the amount of times I train per week if I complete the target before easily. This is the frequency of my exercises and if I find it too easy the week before, it shows that I am definitely going to have to increase the frequency so I can make myself work harder. For my shuttle run station, I will need to increase the intensity once I am able to accomplish a reasonable time. I cannot increase the time of my training session because we are going to be completing the training programme during our school PE lessons.

I think I am going to enjoy this training very much because I am going to be doing it with friends as a class in school and it should be quite interesting to see how I improve over the 5 weeks we are set to finish the programme in. As I mentioned at the beginning of my work, due to my ankle problem I might have to start from the beginning if any sort of injury does occur once again. This is called reversibility and this is when any changes that occur due to training will be lost if you stop. On the other hand I am hoping that nothing of the sort will happen and so I will definitely progress slowly and am hoping that I will meet my targets stated at the start.

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