School Lunch Guidelines and Obesity

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Nature has a history of talking to a person about what should come naturally to them. It can be attributed to the natural tendency to be free. Nature can also talk about individual’s qualities. This is dictated by words ’some are such’. This suggests that such rights cannot be surrendered to other individuals or government.

Congressman Tim Huelskamp will advocate for the above statements on natural rights. He always support the protection of such rights in schools. He was angry with the new lunch guidelines proposed for schools.

He argued that filling the trash cans with uneaten food was tremendous waste of resources. Huelskamp would support Brutus statement. This is due to the fact that he believed that students will go hungry in schools because of throwing the food away.

Steve King, a Congressman believed that the anti-obesity program had a government interference. He argued that the government should dictate what Americans ought to eat. Individual’s diet should be independent from government’s input.

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On the other hand, Mike Huckabee, a Republican supports the government’s input in the anti-obesity program.

In his arguments, Huckabee suggests that the military need men and women who are physically fit. Obesity will limit their merit on joining the military. He also believed that obesity had not only negative impact on individual’s health but also on the national security and economy at large. The government should act now to save Americans.

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School Lunch Guidelines and Obesity

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