School Is Bad for Children Essay

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School Is Bad for Children

In the essay “School Is Bad for Children,” John Holt argues the ways schools teach children is not right for them. He suggests many things to fix the problems. The first thing he mentions is abolishing compulsory school. Compulsory school is a strict law that demands people send their children to go to school. Holt says this law helps nobody, neither children nor teachers. If this rule was abolished, many things would happen with advantages and disadvantages.

Children would have freedom for making their decisions in their education. They would go to school or stay home and do what they wanted. They would not have to be pushed from their parents who are afraid the law. Children who go to school are the students with the desire for their education. They would be happy in their classroom. Bullying rates would drop to the lowest percentage because people who are good at bullying might stay home rather than go to school.

Children would do better in their classes because there were no bullies and they really want to study. On the other hand, if school was an option for children, their country would face the high rate in illiteracy soon because children do not have to go to school. They would learn nothing when they were young. Some children would sleep late, hang out with their friends, and play video games all day rather than learn Math or English. They would not have discipline in their lives, which is taught people when they are in school.

In some cases, parents might send their children to work. The vulnerable children would not have a chance to go to school at all. These children would be unemployable when they grow up because they would not have the education. In conclusion, abolishing this law will cause many effects to the county. Since the disadvantages are greater than advantages, people should think carefully about the law. Freedom is important to people but it should be limited.

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