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School Environment Essay Examples

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School Environment

My school is situated in an urban area. It is a residential section of Maryland that is less than 7 miles from Washington, D.C.. One of the main things that affect the community surrounding our school is gang violence. It only makes sense that the outside community would effect the inside community. “Due to the increasing recognition of the consequences of school violence schools are taking steps to reduce school violence” (Johnson, Burke, & Gielen, 2012, p. 92). The staff…...

Improvement of the School Environment

On behalf of the students of SMK Bagan Serai, I, Lee Shun Zhuan, the head prefect would like to draw your attention to certain problems of the students. Our school is the quintessence of schools in Kerian district, but for your information, there is still room for improvement of the school environment. In fact, most of the school buildings are lacklustre which in turn will dampen students’ enthusiasm for study. Human nature makes people feel better about themselves when their…...

InclusionLori BurnettWilliamsNorthcentral UniversityInclusionThe school environment should offer each and every student with

InclusionLori Burnett-WilliamsNorthcentral UniversityInclusionThe school environment should offer each, and every student with equal access to an interesting and engaging educational experience, that will help them to grow academically. Students should have equity, when it comes to receiving an education, in the school environment. What is equity? Equity is being fair and not showing bias for any students. All students- regardless of race, color, national origin or zip code-deserve a high-quality education that includes resources such as academic and extracurricular programs,…...

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Virtualization in the K-12 School Environment

We live in such an amazing world, in such an amazing time. My grandparents, rest in peace, never owned a computer. They did not know how to work the television other than changing the channel. They owned one telephone, and it was a rotary phone. They paid for everything in cash. They hung their clothes on the line to dry. My grandpa used a push mower. They knew nothing of Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. During my father's childhood, televisions became…...

My School Environment Plan

Its important Ousedale School has an environmental plan as I am seeing more and more rubbish and litter appearing everyday. I am sure if this carelessness of the students continues we will start to experience rats and the litter will rot making the school a safety hazard-which none of us want. As a world we are ok in recycling but we could improve so beginning at Ousedale School is a start. My aim for this plan is to reduce the…...

Learning In Unconfined Environment

The word education is composed of two Latin words Educare, which means to nourish, and Educated, which means the act of teaching and training. And philosophy is a way of thinking about society, the world, and the universe. In conjunction with, the educational philosophy is the process of receiving or giving systematic instructions about nature. It refers not only to teachers' beliefs but also to the ideology of a teacher about teaching methodology. The concept of the methodology is varying…...

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