School education Essay

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School education

I. Problem/Needs a. San Nicolas Elementary School (s. y. 2013-2014) has 765 enrollees, 43 teachers, non-teaching, staffs, personnel, including its maintenance. Previous school years, survey through interview shows that the school has no canteen. What they did was a classroom canteen wherein teachers allow outside vendors to sell foods, snacks in each classroom during break time. This practice made wrong impact and its advantages to the entire school campus. Instead of 30 minutes break time, survey shows they have 45 minutes and lessons are affected. b.

Outside vendors are not known by the pupils and teachers. They just offer their cooked foods to students without knowing or not sure with the safetiness of what they are going to take in. They don’t know how and who made the foods. Other parents also go inside the school to give snacks to eat to their children during recess time which make break time longer. School staffs observed this situation and they made a decision to really have canteen as soon as possible. c. During the first meeting of the school year 2013-2014, the PTA meeting tackled the topic about school canteen, they should have it.

As a situation to the need of the school, the principal set another meeting to meet interested parents who wants to manage the canteen. As a result, school pupils, teachers and other personnel now have their break time properly. Manager of the canteen improved the school canteen, and prepared it for the new canteen. Now, San Nicolas Elementary School is nearly for safer, healthier and more convenient canteen for everyone. II. Statement of Vision, Mission and Values Vision: The school will provide a good source of foods for the pupils, teachers and parents of the school. Healthy foods, price of foods will surely be right for everyone.

Mission: The school will have a canteen on its own, managed by the school itself or any representatives from the PTA member. Foods will surely be healthy and nutritious. Kind of foods to sold will be strictly monitored to sure the safetiness of all the entire school. Values: Having a school canteen will promote orderly and organized school especially on break time. Everyone in school should support its canteen that could help in the progress and improvement of the entire school. III. Marketing plan a. Research and Analysis: It is more than two years when San Nicolas Elementary School has no canteen.

Former managements of school canteen believed that their services and foods offer are not satisfying. It was observed by our interviews that students and teachers would more like to go out or buy outside their snacks during break time. In addition to that, price of the previous canteen are not affordable by the students. PTA meeting was conducted and during the said meeting, the principal announced that all parents who are interested to manage the school canteen this school year 2013-2014 is free to pass bid form containing rental which is the highest offer as a rental of the school will have the opportunity to handle the canteen.

The form also contains the expected menus, foods offered and its prices. The monthly rental of the school canteen will be an income of the school which will be used for school improvements at the end of the school year. This move of the school as a solution of the problem believes that it will turn to an advantage of the entire school. Students and teachers will be comfortable to spend their break time inside the canteen, safetiness and healthy foods will be as sure.

Accidents will be impossible because students will no longer go out to nearby stores to buy foods and also monthly income of the school will be at stake. b. Marketing Strategies: Students will be the first customer of the canteen, so offers will be for students at most. Foods will be based on the taste of the consumers so as by the teachers also. Foods will be simple snacks so that prices will also be affordable and reasonable especially for ordinary students. Prices will be strictly monitored. Special promos or simple promo will also be given.

Simple promo like free juice or offering discounted prices on sets of snack items. Like: 1 special miki regular price is Php 15. 00 with boiled egg on toppings plus 1 refresh juice is at Php 6. 00= student will pay only Php 20. 00| Foods or snacks will be changeable, based on what is saleable to consumers. IV. Production Plan Quantity| Unit| Supplies| 533050102550301010| KilosKilosPcs. SticksBoxesPcs. Pcs. SticksBagsBags| PancitMikiBoiled eggBarbecueAsstd. Fruit drinksSandwichesShanghaiBanana cueAsstd. BiscuitsAsstd. cupcakes|

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