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One of the most enforced and one of the most hated school policies in the daily life of a high school student. I do have to say, it depends on the school as to what your dress code is. I recently attended one of these rigid “dress code policy” schools, and let me tell you, if the teacher didn’t like you, you would be sent home to change clothes. Everyone has their own opinion about what is too short, too long, too tight, shoulders covered, straps or no straps, hat/hoodie or not.

Because of this, some schools have very specific rules about what girls and boys should wear. I got dress coded for my dress being 3 inches above my knee vs. 2 inches. I am a tall girl, have you ever tried buying a nice dress- they are made for short girls??? My shoulders and torso were covered, my arms were fully covered, I had tall boots that covered from knees down, but the 3 inches from my knees to the bottom of my dress were uncovered.

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The irony is that I normally wore long basketball shorts (same coverage) and not gotten dress coded.

The restrictions are sometimes too much for high school students. The staff expects you not to be allowed to express yourself the way you want and don’t take into consideration what is in style in the world today. Most girls are enraged by these policies because “skirts, dresses and shorts cannot be more than 2 inches above the knee.

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Girls are also not to show their shoulders. Shoulder showing could really get crazy. I mean, other students could get so turned on by shoulders, so we definitely should not to wear spaghetti strap tops or tank tops. Who knows what would happen if we all walked around with bare shoulders all day. Boys too have similar restrictions such as: no hats on in the building, and pants are to be pulled up on the waistline, no tears or rips in your jeans. People… would I be punished for wearing my pants above my waist? That’s a nerd style, nerds are usually pretty smart, are the schools now frowning upon smart people? What about Steve Erkel? Would he be punished for wearing his pants too high? Also this is a new generation- rips and tears in your jeans are the style, try buying jeans without them, they are hard to find. To bare a girls shoulders or expose a midriff is definitely the least of our worries when the use of hoods, hats, and beanies on campus can possibly throw our entire student population into peril. To cover our head with this headgear is to blatantly disregard the well-being of our fellow classmates. Especially since criminals can successfully sneak onto school grounds by simply donning the hazardous cap, or pulling on the ever suspicious hood while leaving well over half their face exposed. These life threatening situations call for the banning of all headwear on campus.

Unfortunately, many of the school dress code policies are violated daily. Dress codes are very hard to enforce due to students not listening. So to fix the debate about dress code, we should just have a school uniform. School uniforms would solve all issues with dress codes, especially letting students express themselves and be individuals. Schools and society would function more smoothly if we turned all students into robots- dress alike- same shirts, same pants, how about same hair color, same socks and shoes. It would save teens a lot of money from buying different types of clothes, students would not be made fun of for what they wear, and students would be in class more and get a better education (because they would not miss class time to change clothes). By wearing school uniforms students will stress less about what to wear in the morning. They will also feel more equal, since poor students would no longer feel excluded or teased about social status- everyone looks and dresses the same. In wearing uniforms this will allow the teachers to form a better perception of a student based on how they act, not by how they dress. Yes I believe the remedy to the school dress code policy would be school uniforms. What an ideal solution.

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