School Composition Essay

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School Composition

List and describe your level of interest and participation in hobbies, activities, and groups not associated with school. List any awards or honors you received in the past two years Some people choose their hobbies based on fashion of their society or groups which they are associated with, or because hobbies are beneficial to them. For me I choose my hobbies and activities depending on my interest and passion to this case My most favourite hobby is to listen to the music.

In the majority I can listen to all kinds of music: rock, pop, rap, rnb, punk. But it depends on my mood, what music I will listen. Music can help me everywhere. It helps to calm down when I’m angry or cheer me up when I get a depression. Some musician can support my life by their quotes or by their reviews of life. For example “Without music, life would be a mistake. ” ? Friedrich Nietzsche, “One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain. ” ? Bob Marley.

That’s why I love music And my preferred activities and they are also hobbies are basketball swimming and gym. First reason why I like sports and especially this sports because I want to keep fit and keep my health. It’s comfortable for me to have a gym near my house, so it’s easy for me to train everyday. And what about my awards and honors? It took part in several swimming competition in my district. Also my school basketball team tried ourselves in a competition that is outside of school . But we did not took prizes. But it was a nice experience for us.

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