School Climate Essay

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School Climate

While I was observing at Charles Henderson Middle School I saw a great number of characteristics in each teacher that made up effective teachers. They all showed respect to their students, got involved in class, gave equal opportunity and monitored there students learning. What I noticed about the first teachers was that she showed a lot of respect to her students and I think this is why her students showed her a great amount of respect back. Event thought she had complete authority over the students she still respected them as if she did not.

Another effective trait I admired about her was that instead of teaching and giving orders to the students she actually got involved and participated in the aerobic with the girls. This is very effective because I think I motivates the children to participate more in class when they see their teacher involved. The second teacher I observed had the characteristics I think I will have when I become a teacher. One was that he stood at the door of the gym and greeted all the students as they came in class.

This may not seem much to some but I thought it was amazing. He also started class immediately. He did not believe in wasting time. He also expected a lot from his students that why I think that he made the boys run when they begin to get disruptive. That was also another effective teaching trait which was discipline. He did believe in disciplining the students when they got out of hand. He clearly had some rules established and when the students broke them they had to pay the consequences.

One last effective trait this teacher possessed was his credibility. When I went into his office it was like walking into a mini hall of fame. He had all kind of pictures and trophies up from when he was a athlete. He displayed all his award proudly and with pride. I think this is effective because it could influence one of his students to become a teacher one day. The third and final teacher I observed possessed many traits that made him a effective teacher. One was that he had a very high level of energy.

His energy level made all the other students want to get involved in class and student participation is one of the primary goals when teaching. He also promoted completion and team work. He told me he did this because the more that students worked together the better the understanding they would get out of the activity. If one students did not understand something their partner could help develop a better understanding. So in conclusion I think that the traits all three of these teachers possessed make great effective teachers and I will be sure to use them in my future as a teacher.

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