School Bullying Issue in Ohio

Lima schools located in Lima, Ohio are using apps and resource officers to try and combat bullying. Ohio has been identified as the 35th worst school in the nation for bullying and more children in our schools are facing bullying on a daily basis. Lima schools are using an app called BRIM. It is an anonymous reporting app where a child is able to report bullying and in a few minutes school officials are able to show up where the issue is happening.

Matt Garlock looks over the bullying reports and states that in several instances they are able to stop the problem right on the spot. Lima schools also have 8 school resource officers in place to reach out to students. The article talks about how the students have a good relationship with their resource officers so a lot of students will reach out to them if they need someone to talk to. The officers are able to deal with the situation but not in a negative way.

They talk to the students involved, help them identify what they are doing wrong and ways to prevent it next time.

I do think the app is a unique idea especially with the use of technology among the younger generations is growing at a rapid rate. A lot of children do have cell phones but there is still a large amount who won’t get a phone until later in their lives. Children’s families may not be able to afford a cellphone for their child or they simply don’t want them to have one until they are older.

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So what do those children do that don’t have a phone? That is something they have to think about. They also have to think about false reports kids might make just to be funny. Also if no one is witnessing the bullying happening who is going to report it? I feel like it is highly unlikely that a child is going to pull out their phone and report they are getting bullied right in the moment when it is happening. They may not have their cell phone on them or the bully could take their phone away. I do like the idea of the schools having resource officers in place throughout the schools. I know when I was in high school we had a resource officer and I would always see him walking through the halls, and during our lunch time he would sit in the front of the cafeteria and watch over the open space. This can make children feel safer and it also may make the bullies back off. The bullies may not want to get caught and fear the consequences they may face. However you also have to keep in mind that bullying doesn’t always happen where a resource officer could see it. It could happen in the bathroom or over the internet in terms of cyberbullying. I definitely feel as if the program and app are headed in the right direction though and I like that these features are in place to help students.

Cyberbullying is a huge issue and I can see it just growing. Children at a young age are being exposed to the internet and can have access to all these different websites where they can post things. I feel like a lot of children participate in cyberbullying because they can hide behind a screen. They can change their name or be anonymous and post these horrible things about others, and they feel as if no one will know who it is. Children may also feel as if they aren’t even a bully, that they are just saying some mean things behind a screen and that’s it. They aren’t witnessing how that is affecting the person they are saying those horrible things about. Cyberbullying is a growing problem among students and it’s hard to know how to deal with it. More and more I see young children committing suicide because of cyberbullying issues and it is something that hits close to home for me and I am sure that is the case for many individuals as well.

I think it is important for educators to know about bullying and different ways that bullying happens. Teachers could participate in a monthly workshop that just focuses on bullying. I also think it is important that students learn and understand bullying. I do not feel as if talking to students about bullying just one day is going to solve the issues. Maybe a program where the students also go through a monthly workshop would be nice. They could do roleplaying and show videos of students who have been bullied before and how they felt and what they went through. I know this wouldn’t eliminate the issue of bullying but maybe it would help open up the children’s eyes about how big of an issue it is and ways they can prevent it or help others. Teachers should teach the importance of kindness to everyone, even individuals that may not be just like them.

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