School Bullying Essay

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School Bullying

Bullying in schools is a very big problem all around the world. There are many reasons why bullying causes such a huge impact on society. There are three types of bullying: physical, verbal, and emotional. All of these types can have minor to very major impacts on a person, which can lead to very damaging affects on their mental health and wellbeing. People need to be informed about this so that they will stop before they can change someone’s life for the worst.

Physical bullying is essential unwanted physical contact through abusing a victim. This can be through kicking, punching, shoving, and more. Most bullies target people who are smaller than them, because they think that they can take advantage of them. This makes it easier for them to boost their ego and make themselves feel stronger. Many bullies turn to physical bullying, because it is a very easy thing to do as long as they are strong enough. People use physical bullying, and other forms of bullying, when they have low self-confidence in themselves. Many victims have turned to suicide, or have even died because of physical bullying.

Verbal bullying are slanderous accusations and statements targeted at victims, in an attempt to bring them down and make them feel bad. This can come in many forms, such as foul language, tormenting, and harassment. There is an endless amount of things that bullies can use to fuel their verbal harassment. This form of bullying is also relatively easy because the bullies themselves don’t have to be physically strong; they simply need to use their mouths to convey a hurtful message.

Emotional bullying can be any form of bullying, which involves causing damage to a victim’s well-being and emotions. Bullies can achieve this through spreading terrible rumors, and getting people to gang up on victims. Ganging up on people specifically can be very damaging, because it makes the victim feel very small and insignificant compared to all the assailants in this sinister act. Emotional bullying, along with most other forms of bullying, can lead to minor or major levels of depression, depending on the severity¬†of the malicious acts taking place on the victim.

People may say that “kids will be kids,” and ignore the serious issues associated with bullying. However, if these people would pay more attention to the news, than they would see the negative affects are very real and often have very sad results. Recently, a girl by the name of Amanda Todd from British Columbia took her own life because of persistent and harsh bullying. Many other people around the world have also unfortunately ended their lives early because of bullying.

Victims of bullying around the world are suffering every day. Sure, once in a while, a nasty word here and there might not lead to any severe consequences, however, it is very possible and it is a very real issue. Even though it is impossible to stop all bullying, it helps to inform people on what can happen if they persistently bully one particular person. If society starts to see and realize how severe these affects can be, hopefully then we will see a smaller amount of deaths and depression related to bullying through physical, verbal, and emotional means.


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