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School Based Experiment program Essay

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On 5th March 2012 till 9th March 2012, all PISMP students were instructed to have a week of experiences in school for School Based Experiment program (SBE). Based on the task given, we need to observe and do some research on the school one had selected. As for me, I selected Sekolah Kebangsaan Paya Jakas due to its location which is near to my hometown for my SBE. We had to informed about the school chosen to the institute a month before the program started so that the institute can send early information to the school selected about our presence for the program.

On 13th February 2012, we were given briefing about this task in Dewan Seri Budiman. Basically, this task is about how does the activities carried out by the school affected the children’s development holistically based on five aspects/elements of JERIS which are physical, intellectual, emotional, spiritual and social as stated in National Philosophy Education of Malaysia. On my first day here which is on Monday 5th March, I had to report myself to the headmaster, Tuan Hj Ali Shifudin bin Mahmood and joined the assembly held at the school’s hall.

During the assembly, the headmaster introduced me to the teachers and students and about me being here for a week for this SBE program. On that day, the school had closing ceremony for Minggu Anti Dadah which was held for a week. There were performances of choir and boria Anti Dadah by Year 3 and 6 students. A lot of competitions and activity was held for Minggu Anti Dadah which was drawing poster, colouring, quiz, and story writing. GPK Kokurikulum; Tuan Hj Ramli bin Kamis helped me to gain information about school’s background, students, environment and it’s facility.

Second day here, there are not much things to be done as the students were having examination for consecutive three days. On that day, I received information on the activities which has been carried out by the school for the past few months from the GPK Hal Ehwal Murid (HEM), Puan Hamidah binti Abdullah. From the reports and pictures of the activities, I get tons of knowledge and identified that all of the activities are related to the elements of JERIS. On the third until the last day at the school, I continued on my task by doing interviews with the teachers and students about the activities which recently been carried out.

Two activities which was held on the week before was gotong-royong and Minggu Anti Dadah. The interview was done to ensure either the After that, I took a walk to places in school such as library, staff’s room, multimedia room, track, hall, canteen, classes to observe more about the school’s environment and how it helped students in their learning. I gained knowledge about this school and the most important part, now I knew what are the activities that can be carried out in the school related to JERIS elements.

Gotong-royong, orientation of Year 1 pupils, recital of Yasin every Friday morning, Brushing Teeth program, motivational program for Year 6 pupils, Sports Day, Dengue-Free campaign, Independence month and a lot more activities done by the school covering every aspect of physical, intellectual, emotional, social and spiritual of students. Students’ participation leads them towards nurturing leadership, cooperation, cleanliness and so on. Teachers in this school also build Unit of 3K which are cleanliness (kebersihan), healthiness (kesihatan) and safety (keselamatan).

These three aspects helped student to increase their awareness and thus practice these three not only in school compund but also in home. There are lots of benefits gained throughout fulfilling this task. First of all, it gave me an experiences of how a teacher’s life in school. Teachers must come to the school as early as 6. 45 a. m. In the class, teachers must deal with different types of students with different approaches. First time being called “teacher” by the students is an excitement for me.

The other teachers were very supportive as they always give their best cooperation when they were interviewed or asked about the topics related to my task. They also gave me the feeling of how teachers should socializes among teachers, students, staffs and community. On the first day, I was asked to relief classes because there was a teacher who was not in the school on that day. This is a chance for me to develop some teaching skills and adapt myself of teaching and learning environment in class. The two classes were Year 1 and Year 3 students.

For the first class, Year 1, I asked them to go to the library and read some books. As there were students who are unable to read yet, I teach them on how to read the words with the exact pronunciation but still they were too shy to read out the words as they were not comfortable enough with a new teacher whom they did not know well yet. When I attended Year 3 class, they were different as they gave me a warm welcome and excited with a new teacher coming to their school. We did introductions of ourselves and then I carried out the game Spelling Bee with the pupils.

I wrote the first word “teacher” and the next student must write a word which started with letter R. I asked them to bring out their dictionary and when they wrote a word, they must tell their classmates what is the meaning of the word. It was a fun 30 minutes lesson as everyone were excited and said that they wanted to do it again. On the other side of it, a week of finishing this task had also gives me some hard time. As this week is the week of examination, it is hard for me to carry out the interviews with the teachers and students.

I must refer with different teachers related to different activities held to ask for the report and pictures. As for the students, they were having examination and I can meet them only during the morning before the class started and during recess hour. Most of the students were not able to answer the questions given because they were too shy. They only smiled and nodded their head agreeing with the questions I gave. Thus, the data collection is not as Other than that, I discovered that the school’s location is just across the street.

As the school’s hall is an open-hall, it was very disturbing and uncomfortable environment for them to have their assembly with the noise coming from the vehicles. The teachers must speak louder and students’ attraction was more on the road seeing the vehicles than focusing on the teachers’ speech. In addition, there was also a road construction happened near the school compound. When I was in the class, I can hear clearly the noise coming from the construction and students were at the window watching amazedly at the construction of the road.

This might affect the process of teaching and learning as students’ attraction and focus was diverting from the lesson in the class. Anyhow, this is just an opinion from my very point of view. For improvement, next time I will approach with different methods of collecting data such as interviews with more teachers based on their field, observation in the class regarding to JERIS aspect to ensure whether the lesson really related to these five aspects without only focusing on intellectual aspect.

In order to get an accurate data, next time, survey and questionnaire will be involved. This is to ensure that the activities and practices which have been carried out left some impact on the student either on gaining knowledge or building emotional aspect through the activities done. In conclusion, the development of children physically, emotionally, intellectually, socially and spiritually depends on things they learn or do in home or in this case, school played the biggest role on how to nurture ositive values in students based on these five aspects throughout the activities in school. In order to create students equipped with both intelligent and moral, teachers need to be creative and push themselves to work harder to become the best role model as students always look up to teachers’ personality and character to develop theirs. This School Based Experiences program had gave me the best experience ever in becoming a better teacher in the future.

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