School Administrator Career for Students

Still missing school life after graduation? What about becoming a member of school administrators and life backs to school again. At this point, It needs to meet both educational and licensing requirements for school administrating, also considering about salary standards based on living standard, and promotion opportunities will also become an extremely important factor for job selection, because people will not stay on the same level forever. Meanwhile, people in this field are required to organize and guide others all the time, they are responsible for running a certain system or organization.

In case of that, school administrators are supposed to manage and organize people, they need to keep the system in order, the school administrator is a leader who can be delegated as needed, but stays organized in an emergency. Administrators need to be bosses, organizers and leaders, so school administrator is the staff member with the greatest responsibility for the management of a school. Some effective school administrators are required to have several basic developable skills which obviate for identifying specific traits and which may provide a useful way for understanding the administrator process, It benefits the school and students at the same time.

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At the first place, the school administrator requires a certain level of education, furthermore, four-year college is necessary for people in this field. It needs to meet an educational requirement, “Both 4-year and 2-year colleges offer a compilation of benefits and perquisites as part of their total compensation program” (Argon 1). They do need to take business and management during the college year.

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Administrator requires several significant traits like knowledgeable, courage and leadership. Just like entrepreneurs, they are always ready to take any risks and challenges. On the other hand, It’s beneficial to reach a higher educational level, for instance, based on the article from Careers website, “Many jobs require a master or doctoral degree and experience in a related occupation, such as teaching or admissions counseling. Strong interpersonal and communication skills are essential because much of an administrators job involves working and collaborating with others” (Occupation Profile for education Administrators 2018 ). School administrator needs working and collaborating with others, so interpersonal and communication skills are required for this job, and the job experience in this occupation helps people in this field to have a better performance.

Additionally, this job probably needs more educational plannings. According to some job descriptions from a website, “Many jobs require a master or doctoral degree and experience in a related occupation, such as teaching or admissions counseling” (Career Occupation Profile for education Administrators 2017). So school administrator needs to meet an educational requirement and something relates to management is also required for preparation. Furthermore, the chance to enhance these educational skills, is available at school, and people do need to take business and management courses in order to reduce the difficulty of entering this profession.

Take a further research on this career, the school administrator contains several qualifications for workers in this field. “A recent survey of educational administration department chairs at 66 colleges and universities disclosed that only 27 percent of all regular administrator endorsements offered to require a knowledge of special education law. Universities are apparently confused about state endorsement requirements for school administrators and are not adequately preparing administrators” (Marilyn & Thomas 1). Based on the text, the survey claimed that a small number of school administrators are required to acknowledge special education law. On the other hand, people in this field are healthy with no mental illness, people, perhaps they need some working experiences and affordable for some financial problems. However, there is no requirement for age, sex, and personality.

In the third place, people always willing to improve themselves through different challenges, they like to find their limits and break it. In case of that, career advancement is one of these challenges for people in this field, “Building strong synergy among policy-makers, school administrators, teachers and parents in the execution of their roles is very important to improve student learning outcomes. It helps to lay a firm educational foundation for children from Pre-K-12 and facilitates life-long learning in order to assist learners to acquire knowledge, skills, values and attitudes that empower them to contribute to sustainable development” (Gong 11). By any chance, school administrators are able to advance to a new level if they have outstanding performance and achievement. They need working experience for this field and accumulating knowledge all the time, school administrators need a correct attitude toward the school and students, they need to make contribution in order to achieve their advancement. Consequently, It helps the school to have a better teaching efficiency, It attracts more people to enroll this system and school.

To sum up, the school administrator is a challenging job and require many important traits, people in this field could receive educational rewards and considerable salaries, in addition, this job helps employees build relationships with the school. However, the requirement for being a school administrator makes the job more difficult than others. The school administrator requires a certain level of education, so a four-year college is necessary for people in this field, working experiences are required for this job. As population increases, to have enough people to administrating will become a fundamental need of a school, and it requires more and more people for school preparation. School jobs are different from others in the society, It has no scarcity and shortage for resources, all they need is that there are enough students to form different grades, because the new generation pushes the old generation, so students from different grades keep the school alive. In case of that, the school administrator is a stable job compared to other jobs.

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