Scholarship The future governance CIMA – FTMS Essay

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Scholarship The future governance CIMA – FTMS

“Expression of interest about the scholarship including how CIMA qualification will help you improve your work performance or achieve your career objective” As you know CIMA (Chartered Institute of Management Accountants) Association Certified Management Accountant UK was established in 1919, is the largest professional association, the oldest and most prestigious in the world of accounting governance and financial management will help me conquer the first step of recruitment, promotion opportunities and career development with high income and status.

The second: CIMA will help me to learn about the specialized knowledge in accounting auditing leaning more practice. In addition, scholarships will also provide me with countless opportunities to practice in the field of financial management and strategic management and expand my experience will help me eligible to participate in the process determine success in management positions or possibly advice on business strategy and risk management or training in business management.

The last: Scholarship “The future governance CIMA – FTMS” there is great significance in learning and achieve my career objective, improve knowledge, expand knowledge in many areas, meeting needs passion, research in many areas, but still help me to reduce the cost burden for my family. I know that should not when a student studies at non-public school, write submit scholarship. As you see, I am the senior student in Accounting and Auditing at the University HCMC. In time, I was always trying to cultivate specialized knowledge as well as actively involved in social work outside . During the last four years, be received scholarship is my expectation and I hope you will take a decision on that exception.

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