Scholarship Letter To Students Essay

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Scholarship Letter To Students

The Association of University of Puerto Rico Alumni and Friends Abroad (UPRAA) invites you to apply for the UPRAA Scholarship and congratulates you for your efforts in pursuing your studies. The UPRAA Scholarship Fund will award Hispanic students who have demonstrated academic merit, commitment to public service, and financia1 need up to a maximum of $1,000 per academic year to help cover tuition cost for graduate or undergraduate studies. Please visit our website at www. upraa. org to download the application form, eligibility requirements and important dates related to our Scholarships program.

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To ensure your application receives full consideration, read the information included in the scholarship package carefully, follow the application instructions and include ALL required documents including original signature for applicable documents by the due date on Wednesday, April 15,2015. UPRAA is an organization created to establish a network of University of Puerto Rico (UPR) Alumni in the Continental U. S. and abroad, develop and conduct programs and initiatives for the benefit of the UPR alumni, and support the educational goals of the UPR system.

The Association will serve as a link between UPR alumni abroad and the UPR system and work towards promoting opportunities and creating a support network for the alumni. Thank you for your interest and good luck!! Alida Rodriguez Chairperson, UPRAA Scholarship Committee 2015 UPRAA Association of the University of Puerto Rico Alumni and Friends Abroad P. O. Box 2600 Merrifield, VA 221 16-2600 Website: www. uDraa. org.

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