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Describe which experiences or persons have contributed to your plans to pursue a career in a health related field. (500 words) I am inspired to become a nurse because of the positive relations with nurses I have known, personal experiences, and my interest in public health nursing. Having achieved a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Health Services Administration and Urban Planning twenty-six years ago, I have gained a solid foundation and maturity to approach a nursing education and career with a new perspective. My only regret is that I did not enter nursing school sooner!

First, I have had the privilege of being raised by a mother who was educated as a nurse. She had the amazing ability to lovingly and effectively juggle thirteen children in our family (yes, one family with thirteen children with my father! ). I partially attribute this remarkable skill to her training as a nurse, as I think she would agree. She not only cared for her own children but neighbors would call on her nursing skills to assess their children for a quick consult when they were ill. It was inspiring to see her put her nursing skills to work.

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I still feel proud to this day how her compassion and knowledge as a nurse could benefit so many children while maintaining her own family. Incidentally, she was doing community nursing long before the phrase was used! Today, at the age of eighty-two years old, she continues to make “house calls” to “elderly” neighbors needing assistance with medicines and carrying out nursing skills. (see the neighbor to draw in reader more) Secondly, I had the unfortunate personal experience of seeing and caring for two sisters who lived with and eventually died from ALS (also known as Lou Gehrig Disease).

I can honestly say this was not the nursing experience that is at the top of my list. Obviously, I did not have my nursing degree at the time but I quickly learned the skill of tube feeding as well as other nursing techniques out of necessity. Seeing how this devastating disease took away my sisters’ lives, has given me more reason for pursuing my nursing degree. Learning and understanding how this disease could destroy an otherwise very healthy and vibrant person motivated me to finally pursue what I knew I was meant to do a long time ago.

That, of course, would be to become a nurse. I can utilize my nursing skills, exercise compassion, and ultimately contribute to the healing of body and soul of the patient. (put more heart into this and why it drew me in be nurse) Briefly describe your short-term and long-term goals related to your career. (400 words) My short term goal for pursuing a nursing degree is to contribute positively to the critical need for good public health. With an aging population and an alarming increase in obesity and diabetes, it has further prompted my interest in public health nursing.

I have always been interested in community as a concept and I believe this current crisis is a community issue and problem. It is my opinion that nurses are a key factor when it comes to educating and serving the community health needs in today’s world. Due to rising healthcare costs, the public health nurse/community health nurse has the opportunity to be the most accessible, knowledgeable and affordable resource for meeting most people’s healthcare needs. My long term goal is to participate in global health issues and the prevention of disease on a global level.

I would love to be a part of a team of medical providers doing field work, per say, and participate in the assessments for a population of people. It may sound idealistic yet as the world is becoming more connected to each other the need for healthcare on this level will increase even more cultures continue to change, mix and become ever more transient. My other long term goal is to reintroduce the idea of food as medicine. This concept is nothing new to a portion of the population.

Yet many people are very unaware of how they can benefit from what foods they decide to add or subtract from their diet. I am well aware of currently reading about a medical doctor who took time away from her medical practice to work on a farm to learn about the benefits that farmers gain from living and working this way of life. Organic food, caring for farm animals without overcrowded and stressed living situations, and other farming methods provide so many health advantages. Being able to incorporate just a part of this into people’s lives can make a significant difference in their well-being.

Why are you interested in, or have you chosen to pursue a career in, the healthcare industry? (100 words) I have chosen to pursue a career in the healthcare industry because of my combined interest in nurturing and health. I think there are many broad options one can explore when they choose a career in healthcare. Personally, a decision to pursue a career in healthcare means using many resources to improve one’s health. This would mean using traditional medical techniques combined with integrative methods.

In today’s society, education is a basic need to improve areas of health in certain populations. Prevention is also a big key to solving healthcare issues. I would like to be a part of shifting the medical approach of healthcare and help people to lead health and full lives. Nursing of the past was patient driven. Nursing of the future is population driven based on healthcare initiatives. How does nursing reach greater populations? How do they interact in resolving health problems by health promotion? I would like to participate in nurturing healthcare into the community.

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