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Scholarly Writing

With reference to the given text, the author insists that over the years of modern technology, computers are now impacting peoples’ lives tremendously. Computers are used for businesses and education purposes and there is no longer a question about whether it is affordable or not. A first point of analysis demonstrates that the author lacks display of scholarly writing. The written paragraph does not display thorough research and he does not use supporting evidence within his text.

After reading the paragraph, I am unclear as to whether the author is giving his opinions or if he has findings within a research. The authors opinions also seem to be biased which is not an element of scholarly writing. As discussed in the HUMN 8000 course study notes, (Introduction to Scholarly Writing: Purpose, Audience, and Evidence), the key tasks as a scholarly writer is to show that what you have written is true and that you know what you’re talking about. He has provided the audience with personal views and judgment as speaks about poor people.

He also uses the slang term “plugged in” and within scholarly writing, you must use proper choice of words which he did not. The author also lacks presenting this information in a clear and concise way, where it is straightforward for the audience to follow and understand. The author’s only strength in terms of scholarly writing is displayed as he discusses the importance of computers and how it is conducted in our everyday lives. The author makes reference to a source that he researched, Business Week, 2001.

This article lacks quality of evidence for the mere fact that it is not up to date. Some comparison could have been made to modern technologies related to computers, for instance laptops or other devices. Lastly, the information presented that more than 80% of all high school students were “plugged in”, does not give a concise representation of the remainder population. The author speaks of many people not being able to afford a computer and also generally references poor people.

As a reader, I am unsure of what the remainder population represents. References Introduction to Scholarly Writing: Purpose, Audience, and Evidence. (2012). Laureate education, Inc. {Study Notes} Retrieved from

https://class. waldenu. edu/bbcswebdav/institution/USW1/201410_17/MS_HUMN/HUMN_8000/artifacts/Week_2_Citing_a_Discussion_Posting_and_Course_Study_Notes. pdf Laureate Education, Inc. (Executive Producer). (2012). Tips for effective online composition and communication [Video]. Baltimore, MD: Author

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