Scholar or High School student Essay

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Scholar or High School student

What will you do when you have already finished your high school education? Will you going to attend college or look for a jobs that fit your position. To me, there was no doubt on whether I want to attend college or start working after I finished my high school because I believe attending college only will benefit to our ownselve. Pretend you are the employer, will you hire someone that with a college graduates or someone that only have their high school diploma? I do not deny the fact that college life would lead me a better future.

There are many reasons for why I decided to go to college. One reason I decided to go to college is that I want to have a better career. I know some of you might said there’s no need to have a college diploma in order to get a job. Yes, this is true. But will you believe you can actually get the jobs that you really wanted, or the jobs that you will enjoy from it. My answer is “not so sure”. I say that not many places would take many serious if you just had a High school Diploma. I argue that if I go to college, I can gain more informations and expand my knowledge in lots of different area, as well as the area that I have most interested in. In today’s world, lots of job require education to have beyond high school level, so if I have attend college, I will have more jobs opportunities in my future life. Some people might say that they also can get lots of jobs when they don’t have college diploma, but I say do you think that you really can get the same paid and same treatments when you compare to those that had already attend college? In my future life, I want to have a job that I won’t complain about the paid or any others unfair treatment. I want to get a career that I wanted instead of the career that I can get. In order to do this, I need to attend college.

Another reason I decided to go to college is that I want to increase my experience. Some people might say going to work also increase your experiences. You can open your view anywhere around you. But I say,¬†college life’s experience would be much different from any others. I will live in a new enviroment, people around me will be totally different, and also, I will have a new lifestyle when I was in college. I endorse that college’s life is the opening experiences for any teenagers in their life because they won’t have any conselors stand beside them and told them what to do and what not to do. It is the chances for me to learn how to depend on my own and take responsibility for any action that I had done to myself. So, college is the place for me get to experience new things and try to be prepare for my own future life.

My last but not the least reasons for why I decided to go to college is that I want to make my family proud of me. In my life, the most familiar words that my family told me was that I’m the only child in my family that having a chance to go to college. They hope that I can attend college and being graduated. In my childhood, I always heard my family relative talk with my mother with a unrespectful attitude. I want to go to college and finish my academic, when I receive my diploma, I will show them that my mom have a college graduates’ daughter and show my family that I can become somebody one day.

In conclusion, if I have a chance attending college, why not take advantage of it? It obviously won’t hurt me if I choose to go to college. Maybe going through my college life would be difficult, but I celebrate the fact that I won’t regret because everything I learn will stay in my mind forever and ever.

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