Schizophrenia and Bipolar Disorders

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Murray and Pichionni, professor and clinical lecturer in and of psychiatry addresses schizophrenia as one of the most serious and frightening mental disorders. The claim of the availability of effective treatment but lay fatalities blame on misinformation. They define schizophrenia as the severing or splitting of the psychic function and not disconnection of personality which it has always been misunderstood as. Their researches shows that people with schizophrenia show symptom of lack of insight, hallucination and delusions. They also show that there are possibilities of thought disorder and adversarial symptoms which can distressing to relatives.

Their research claims of the 40 years knowledge of the upshot of schizophrenia to excessive dopamine transmission on the brain’s mesolimbic system. Their systematic reviews shows that despite it’s relative low incidence, schizophrenia’s frequentness is relatively high because it starts in early adulthood, precisely; early adulthood to late adolescent. Schizophrenia is ; they said ‘a multifractional disorder ‘and it’s greatest risk factor is a positive family records and chronicle.

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Their meta-analysis claims that patient with schizophrenia are more likely to have experienced obstetric complications in low birth weight and perinatal hypoxia, and drugs like cocaine and amphetamines are also known to cause a situation typical to paranoid schizophrenia.

Their systematic reviews has confirmed that patient with the ailement has smaller whole brain volumes and larger lateral ventricles.Their patients usually show more nebulous symptoms relating to anxiety, depression and social problems than florid symptoms. Their systematic reviews has laso shown that early recognition is important.

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Their statistics show that an average medical practitioner in the UK will look after about twelve schizophrenia patient and only manage to take care of about six, and that once a patient has recovered from an acute case that they remain on prophylactic dose of antipsychotic for one or two years and continue to be supervised by specialist services.

The first line of drug for a patient with schizophrenia they said is an oral atypical anti-psychotic such as risperidone and olanzapine. Their final review claims of the availability of several psychological treatment that helps in ameliorate symptoms but lay blame on lack of trained therapist and rectifying specialist.

Tiller, Schweitzer, Bipolar disorder: diagnostic issues. 2010.

Tiles and Schweitzer, professors of psychiatry defines bipolar disorders as cyclical mood disorders with clinical features including distinct situations sustained in periods of mood elevation.They explained symptoms to be laconic (4 days or more), mild episodes of mood elevation while bipolar II disorder are lengthier and more extended (7 days or more), more severe episodes (even requiring hospitalisation), with or without psychotic characteristics.They conclude that depressive periods are more common and lengthier than manic or hypomanic states, and are the main cause of disability.

In their research, bipolar depression may respond poorly to antidepressants and these medications may destabilise the illness. Their diagnosis of bipolar disorder should be considered when a patient with depression is treatment resistant. Irritability is; they said ‘is a common symptom and disturbance in bipolar disorder, particularly during states (during which patients or case have features of mood elevation and depression concurrently) or when there is rapid cycling of mood’. Putting the time frame to (more than four episodes of mood disorder per year).

Their research puts the origin and cause of bipolar disorder to alcohol misuse and use of illicit drugs which may energize and jump-start mood changes in bipolar disorder. Their accurate diagnosis and assessment of bipolar disorder is essential amd paramount for clinical decision making and determining prognosis and treatments.

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