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"A Scandal In Bohemia" and "The Dancing Men"

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Moreover, having studied these three stories thoroughly I have realised how observant Holmes can be. This is emphasized by minor incidents to show the readers how good Holmes is at his job and how good his powers of deduction are. There is minor incident to emphasize Holmes abilities, for example The Speckled Band Holmes tells Helen how she arrived in specific what transport she used to approach Holmes. ” I observe the second half of a return ticket in the palm of your left glove.

You must have started early yet you had a good drive in a dog cart, along heavy roads, before you reached the station”. Holmes explains how he knows what she has travelled by “The left arm of your jacket is spattered with mud in no less than seven places. The marks are perfectly fresh. There is no vehicle save (except for) a dog cart which throws up mud in that way, and then only when you sit on the left-hand side of the driver”.

In The Dancing Men Holmes finds out Watson is not going to invest in property by looking at the chalk mark between his thumb and finger.

These incidents also show us how good Holmes’s powers of deduction and observation are. Another similarity I notified in the exposition of all three stories was that the stories always begin in the same place, which is at Holmes office. There is no actual evidence showing this studying these stories the way they begin we can imagine where they are set.

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This is mainly duo to the information we are given at the beginning. I have also notified in the opening of all three stories Dr John Watson is talking about Holmes.

In the Speckled Band he talks about the cases he has completed with Holmes but he finds the one they are doing at the present time is the most “extraordinary” he can remember. In A Scandal In Bohemia Watson talks about a woman who is very important to Holmes. In The Dancing Men Watson tells us they are sitting in their flat, Holmes specifically had been sitting for some hours in silence with a chemical container in which he was brewing a particularly smelly product.

What I have notified about the opening of these stories are that in The Speckled band and in A Scandal In Bohemia Holmes is not actually present it is only Watson talking about the past but in The Dancing Men Holmes is present and Watson is talking about the present time in the opening. This portraying a difference. In the first paragraph there is a hint of what happens, a very brief but precise point is given.

For example in A Scandal In Bohemia ” And yet there was but one woman to him, and that woman was the late Irene Adler, of dubious and questionable memory”(remembered as being someone who did not behave particularly well). In The Speckled Band “of all these varied cases however, I cannot recall any which presented more singular (extraordinary) features than that which was associated the well-known Surrey family of the Roylotts of Stroke Moran”. Although in two of the stories there is a hint given but in the third story (The Dancing Men) there is no hint given. This emphasizing a difference in the three stories.

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