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Sba sample

This school base assessment (S.B.A) would not be a successful one without the help and assistance of many individuals, thanks to my helpful class mates and fellow schools mates who assisted me with my (S.B.A). Special thanks to the lord who gave me wisdom, knowledge and understanding so that I could be able to do this (S.B.A). In addition, thanks to my teacher Mr. E. E for giving me this (S.B.A) and helping me through the steps enabling me to do my research and finalizing this project. Also special thanks to my mother, sister and friends and finally thanks to all who assisted.


The name of my school is Distinction College. My school community is about a hundred and 70. It is located at 2 Hanover Street, Spanish Town, in the parish of St. Catherine. It is visible especially at events kept at the school that numerous students, male and female engage in the use of alcohol. This habit even sees some students skipping classes and loitering around the surroundings. The researcher therefore thought it necessary to get a scope in the dangerous practice.

Statement of the problem

What are the effects of alcohol use by students within my school?

The researcher selected this topic about alcohol use among students in my school because most of the students in my school are alcoholic. It affect me to see my peers of school are consuming alcohol and nothing has been down about it, if he could find out a way to solve this problem that is destroying the amount of students in my school. The researcher would find out some way to solve this predicament.


In order to complete this S.B.A a questionnaire was used. This method was chosen because responses are gathered in a standardized way, as questionnaires are more objective, certainly more so than interviews Generally it is relatively quick to collect information using a questionnaire.

Some other positives about using a questionnaire are:
It can be used with large and small sample groups.
It improves the possibility of respondents being truthful.
It allows the respondents to answer in his/her own time and leisure



Dear fellow student,
I am carrying out a survey to find out the problems faced by the level of alcohol use among students at my students. This vital piece of information is a part of my social studies school based assessment. Attached is a questionnaire which consists of 20 questions. I am asking you kindly to answer the questions to the best of knowledge. Confidentiality is guaranteed no name is required. A tick in the box () will be necessary in answering most question.

Name of book: modules in social studies with cxc s.b.a guide and questions. Author:rampersad ramsawak/ ralph r.umram.
Publisher:caribbean education publishers.
Date publishers: 4 edition 2005
Printer. Rpl. Ltd

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