Say Yes to Homosexual Marriage Essay

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Say Yes to Homosexual Marriage

Everyone can marry the person they love, the murderers, the corrupt official, the beggar , the thief , the old spinster can get married. Gay, however, cannot. marriage is the last process and expression of love. Traditionally, marriage is an institution and promise about a man and a woman to live forever and form a kinship under the law. Our city – Hong Kong thinks homosexuality is unacceptable. Homosexuality can be classified into two categories: gay and lesbian which a man loves a man and a woman loves a woman respectively. It is a sexual orientation that one can in love with others that share the same sex.

Homosexuality marriage is a kind of marriage between two people in same sex or gender. Why homosexual marriage should not be encouraged? A marriage is simply about two people love each other and willing gives a commitment for the relationship. It shouldn’t be banned since gay marriage encourage people to build up a stronger family ties, love is first-rated in terms of marriage and it’s unrelated of gay marriage to trigger other improper forms of marriage .So same-sex couples should have the same legal right of marriage as different-sex couples.

The biggest argument for people against same-sex marriage is that it will totally damage and spoil the value of family and affect society in some ways. However, it’s far beyond the truth. As for today, there are lots of sexual problems and sexually transmitted disease in our society such as AIDS. It is the result of improper, unprotected and careless sexual relation. To allow same-sex marriage can help people to build a strong family belief and minimize the problems of the improper sexual lifestyle in society. Marriage is an encouragement asking people to settle down for your partner and is a promise that two in loved people will work to build their own life. Strasser (2006) stated that homosexual marriage sometimes give a helping hand in rebuilding relationship between people. Due to the prohibited of homosexual marriage, thousands of gay people have unsteady relationship. What even worst is they, usually, are having unprotected sex with different partners.

This distorts the value of relationship and love. The legalization of same-sex marriage pushes gay couples to build up their family and stop the frivolous life. Eskridge(2011) remarks that marriage can be classified into private and social institution. For the social institution, marriage is a way to build kinship among two individuals. Thus, it can stabilize and keep society in a harmonic situation as it can group people into ‘us’ as a whole. Absolutely true, the point is that gay marriage would not affect the harmony of the society. More importantly, the prohibition of same-sex marriage have created lots of noise and demonstration in our society, it rather destroy the harmonious rather than stabilizing it. Therefore, why couldn’t approve homosexual marriage to attain a win-win situation?

Those who against homosexual marriage stated that it would violate the meaning of marriage and does not respective to what marriage really means. However, do they really know what being married really means? Marriage is all about love. “Love is everything it’s cracked up to be. That’s why people are so cynical about it…It really is worth fighting for, risking everything for. And the trouble is, if you don’t risk everything, you risk even more.” – ( Jong, 2010, P.45) Love should not depends on its gender but feeling. Getting married is the last process of ending the long love journey. It is the one and the only way to show how much a couple loves each other.

This is actually what marriage means and the thought behind. Marriage should not just limit to one man and one woman, instead, it should be available for two people no matter what their gender are. “Over time, people came to view marriage as a relationship between two individuals who were free to organize their partnership and their parenting on the basis of their personal inclinations rather than pre-assigned gender roles.” (cootnz, 2011). Gender, nowadays, become a less essential element of marriage because our feeling matter most. If society only allows different-sex marriage, isn’t it violating the principle of marriage – love and promise?

There’s an argument stating that same-sex marriage would lead to the rise of another serious problem towards morality. It could have chain effect that increases the opportunity of other kinds of improper marriage and it distorts the original idea of marriage. The improper marriage includes polygamy: a marriage between a man and two or more wives, Bestiality: a sexual relations between a human and an animal, could be follow. Is same-sex marriage provide a ‘ slippery slope’ for another forms of marriage? That is not true. The case of having multiple wives and having sexual relation with an animal is too extreme and totally unrelated.

Even if there is none case of gay marriage, it couldn’t guarantee the improper marriage like polygamy and bestiality will not happen. Marriage is only about two human beings who are in loved with each other without considering the gender so marriage is just about loves. Wolfson (2003) noted that homosexual marriage sets a precedent for future cases of polygamy and bestiality. This is the weirdest argument because polygamy and bestiality is not just about two human beings. Thus, allowing gay marriage is not a slippery slope of other sort of marriage.

Pinello (2006) noted that without true love, marriage cannot be maintained. The ultimate goal of love is getting married. And what’s marriage about is love. Banning homosexual marriage is a cruel way to avoid two loved people to stay with each other. Moreover, it’s not wrong because gay marriage encourage people to build up a stronger family ties, love is first-rated in terms of marriage and it’s unrelated that gay marriage will trigger polygamy and bestiality. Thus same-sex couples should have the same legal right of marriage as different-sex couples.

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