Saving the Environment Essay

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Saving the Environment

Saving the environment or better said ‘going green’, a hot topic at the moment. It seems like everything is about ‘going green’. Protection of our environment has become really important in today’s society. Environmental movements are doing what they can to let people realize that what we are doing now is bad. The real problem however is that we realize what we are doing and yet we proceed doing it: exploiting natural sources for raw materials, unnecessary usage of water and cutting trees, every person with at least a bit of sense would realize that this is wrong. As for myself over the last couple of years I have started to realize what kind of devastating power the human possesses and it seems like, roughly said, nobody cares.

To nearly everyone the name Green Peace rings a bell and if you would ask a person what they stand for and are fighting for the majority will answer correctly and will whether they want it or not face the fact that something has to change and quick. If you would have asked me if we should help the environment in the past I probably would have said yes and continuing with the question how, I would have just said something lame like everyone should change their light bulbs for energy saving light bulbs like everyone else. Now however things have changed. Nearly all electric machines, household appliances and even cars got environmentally friendly equivalents.

But to be honest I know that it probably is too much asked to expect everyone would utilize these and although a lot has to be changed we can just start from the bottom by changing some things in our ordinary daily life’s like turning of the water while brushing our teeth, unplug appliances you’re not using and setting the thermostat a few degrees lower etc. To conclude with we have to create a society of environmental awareness across the world. We shall have to put all our efforts to protect our world, which will result in protection for coming generations and the environment for the hopefully many years to come.

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