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Saving And Backing Up Files Essay

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In business the data held on a computer can be hundreds of times more valuable than the actual computer equipment. The data held on the computer may include all the company’s financial records, all its customers’ details, records of the stock held, etc. Losing this data could in some cases, put companies out of business. Data held on your computer at home or at college can also be very important as it may include your assignments and other important documents.

This data can be damaged or destroyed in the following ways:

* Breakdown of hardware

* Mistakes by office staff or other users of the computer, eg deleting files

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* Poor practice, eg not making regular back-up copies or checking for viruses

* Hackers gaining access to the system and changing or deleting data

* Computer fraud where data is changed to benefit individuals illegally

* Theft of computer equipment

* Natural disaster

* Infection of computer system and data by a virus

* Deliberate and malicious damage by others

In order to protect against the above it is necessary to make back up copies of the master file at regular intervals. Data should be saved onto the hard drive but the back up file should be made onto a floppy disk or a special tape can be used. The back up copy should then be stored somewhere safe away from the premises where the master file is held on computer hard drive.

In the business environment a back-up should be taken at the end of each working day, then the most that can be lost is one day’s work. At home a back-up should be taken when a piece of work has been completed or when the computer is left or turned off.

If the above practice of saving and backing-up work is followed, the risk of losing important documents and data is kept to a minimum.


When documents and data are being saved onto the computers hard drive or backed up onto a floppy disk it is important to organise them so that each file is easy to identify and find. Initially you must ensure that the name under which the file is saved, is a clear representation of its contents. Following this, each file can be grouped with other similar files and stored in a separate folder.

The process of managing the files stored on a disk or hard drive is relatively easy once folders have been created in which to place similar files. For example, on a family computer it is useful to have separate folders for each member of the family. Each family member can then create further folders within their own folder e.g., financial, documents, college work, music, photos and videos.

Once all the files on the computer have been organised in this way, the retrieval and management of the files will be much easier and more effective.


If the college work that I have saved on my floppy disk was lost or corrupted I would be able to make another copy from the backed up files that are saved on the college (L:) drive. The process for this is as follows:

* Insert a new floppy disk into drive (A:)

* Open drive (L:)

* Select/highlight all the subject folders to be copied to the new disk (to select folders/files hold down shift and click on them with the left mouse button)

* Once all files are selected drag them to the (A:) drive drop them when the (A:) drive is highlighted.

* This will copy all the files that you selected onto the disk in drive (A:)

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