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Save The Planet Essay

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A couple of months ago, I got into my car, put on my seatbelt, put on my sunglasses and drove south. 23 hundred miles round trip. I went to cabo and I got to see some beatiful sights, but the one I enjoyed the most was the ocean. I would get the warmest feeling every time I took off my sandals and walked across the beach, I would burry my feet in some of the whithest sand I’ve ever seen and look up clear sky.

I would feel the breeze and look into the ocean, always blue, always massive, always there. And I couldn’t help but to feel small, but I would also feel like I was part of something, even if I was the smallest part of it, I was still a part of it.

I would hate it if my generation was one of the last generations that gets to experience that. And of course the conversation about saving the planet goes much deeper and has much higher stakes than the ability to stand in the beach and look at the ocen adn feel small.

Because the changes we’ve casued to our evnirmnment are not small, in only a few ears we’ve extracted tons of fossil fuels from the ground and poured them into the atmosphere making it harder for sun light to reflect into space and causing temperatures in the whole planet to become up to 2 degrees warmer and for weather pattersn to become more violent. We’ve also transformed the landscape, in the last 40 years, we’ve cut down 20% of the amazon rain forest, and we’ve caused the extinsion od dozens of species that once roamed the earth carelessly. We look at these facts and it becomes obvious that the planet needs our help, that we’ve caused all this damage and we must do something to correct it.. we have to save our planet

And of course we want to save it, and we try to understand what ca we do to save it, and we relize the planet is 4.5 bilion years old, that it used to be a gigantic ball of lava with explosions and volcanic eruptions left and right, then being 2 degrees warmer or colder, doesn’t seem to make much of a difference, or when we think about how 100% of the planet used to be bombarded by asteroids at any time, then 20% of rainforest also doesn’t seem like much, even worse when we consider that [99.9%] of all the species that have ever lived in this planet have gone extint, then a couple of dozen don’t seem like such a big deal. No, when we put all the transformations that we’ve put the planet through in the geological scale, yes, they might be noticeable, but transitory, nothing a 4.5 billion year old planet can’t shake off in a couple of thounsand years.

WE, on the other hand, are NOT 4.5 billion years old, we, are only, as a species about 250,000 years old, we do not carry ourselves in geological scales.

So, when we talk about doing saving the planet, about stoping global warmin, recycling or saving water, we’re not really talking about saving the planet, the planet has been here for a lot longer than us and will probably continue to be here for a lot longer after we are gone. No, what we are talking about is keeping it habitable, so that WE can continue to live in it.

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