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The Party’s Over by Richard Heinberg
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Brief Summary             The Party’s Over: Oil, War and the Fate of Industrial Societies book by Richard Heinberg tells us how and when the beginning of energy declination takes place, and make series of suggestions in overcoming the phenomenal issue.  Chapter 1 says the importance of energy and how are we using it.  Chapter 2 elaborates the evolution of energy consumption.  Chapter 3 focuses on the prediction of a certain M. King Hubert, US geologist, who by using his own…...
Ethanol as a Transportation Fuel
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Abstract In this paper I will explore the use of ethanol as an alternative fuel source. Ethanol is considered a renewable energy resource; as it is derived from crops such as: corn, sugarcane, beets, as well as, other organic materials. The use of ethanol could decrease our dependence on ever depleting supplies of fossil fuels; such as oil. In this paper, I will briefly review how ethanol is produced in different parts of the world. I will also review several…...
Fossil Fuel
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Fossil fuels consist of coal, petroleum and natural gas that are found under the earth’s surface, formed from billions of years of compression and decomposition of dead plant and animal matter. They are the leading source of energy for the mankind and are used for various purposes like energy for transportation, electricity, manufacturing process and also used in the manufacturing process of day to day items like plastic. Main fossil fuels are. 1. Coal Coal is a combustible black or…...
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