Saul Indian Horse

” Difficulties in your life do not come to destroy you, but to help you realise your hidden potential and power , let difficulties know that you too are difficult “. Difficulties is a big part in life, it tests a person to do best in life circumstances.

The novel ” Indian Horse ” by Richard Wagamese is about a young boy trying to live his best life. There are obstacles he faces in a young age. Saul is the main character, he is forced to overcome the adversity that shattered his culture and human spirit and made him feel worthless.

The abuse he endured during the residential schools and the environment he lived in, the racism he faced when had an opportunity to play his favourite sport ” hockey” and the transcendence he encountered in the story.

Towards the ending of Indian Horse, Saul the main character was abused and disrespected countless of times. In such a young age, his former mentor Father Leboutillier, sexually abused him.

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This scene in the book is one of the saddest and most heartbreaking scenes that occured in the book. Saul is abused for years and there was no one that was on his side and supported him throughout his days.

He was traumatized when it occurred. When you thought that there is finally someone that supports you, but then getting stabbed blindly in the back is very despairing as a young child. Pg 43 in the book ” they took me to St. Jerome’s Indian Residential School. I read once that there are holes in the universe that swallow all light, all bodies.

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St. Jerome’s took all light from my world “. Saul’s suffering in this story is just very discomforting.

Racism is what you call the main event or the spotlight in the story. Years of racism and prejudice on Saul’s side is unbelievable. The amount of hate he endured and kept to himself is very depressing. As a hardworking person he is, the environment of people around him makes him feel like an outsider and he experiences negative changes about his behavior.

When he played for the Marlboros, his teammates and the families treated him like he does not exist because of his race and culture. To overcome his anger, he starts to drink alcohol to try and forget the negative things that was going on around him. As seen through Saul’s experiences, racism can greatly impact one’s life.

” A total acceptance of yourself brings about a total transcendance of yourself “. Saul has faced many challenges in his lifetime. He experiences visions about his family and ancestors and he learns important lessons about the relationship between his worlds.

Saul feels transcendence when he plays his favourite sport hockey. He feels the greatest when he plays. It eases his mind of the negativity that is going on. Transcendence is very important to Saul. Without it, he might have the strength to continue on and survive. By the end of the novel, he continues to play hockey. He does not let the negative things come out his way.

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