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Saudi Arabia

The Case of the Scheming Employee Case Background The case is about a former OFW, Mr. Gonzales, who worked for 25 years in Saudi Arabia and decided to migrate in US. He gave his trust to his property administrator, but the said administrator took advantage the situation of his employer. The administrator tried to get money from Mr. Gonzales while Mr. Gonzales wasn’t aware of this. Time Context This case happened from the year 1982, when Mr. Gonzales decided to migrate to California and hired a property administrator, Brutus Banquil. And ended at year 2004. Central Issue and Problem The evil scheme of Brutus is the root cause of the problem.

He was dazzled by the money. He wasn’t contented to his wage from Mr. Gonzales because he wanted to get a larger amount of money from his employer. He wasn’t faithful to him and he didn’t have integrity. Secondary Issue and Problem The secondary issue when Brutus opened new account to another bank to create a good impression from the bank for loan purposes. He wanted to get a loan of 5 million using the name of Mr. Gonzales. He even presented documents for them to accept the loan request of Brutus. Objectives In order to stop his evil plan, the loan officer who knew about it should tell Mr.

Gonzales about what happened and tell him the whole story so that Mr. Gonzales can sue Brutus and let him pay for what he did and all the damages, if any, he may have done. Areas of Consideration Strength. The loan officer knew about what Brutus is planning to do. He was a great help to solve the problem. Weakness. There was an issue about how long Brutus was fooling Mr. Gonzales. It took many years to know his bad plan. Opportunities. Brutus, however, used to be faithful to his employer. So there might be a chance that Mr. Gonzales will forgive him and give him another chance to regret what he did and start a new life, a better life.

Threats. Mr. Gonzales isn’t in good condition so there’s a possibility that he might not know what is really happening to his money, and Brutus’ evil plan. Alternate Course of Action As a perceived solution, since Mr. Gonzales in comatose, his family or relatives can be the ones to file a case to Brutus because it is deemed to be unfair to the part of Mr. Gonzales and very unethical. This would let Brutus suffer for what he has done to his employer. Recommendation I would recommend that Brutus should pay for what he has done. He can be put in jail. This would be fair on the part of Mr. Gonzales who gave his full trust to him.

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