Satisfaction Essay Topics

Having a Child does Reduce Marriage Satisfaction

Children should be source of happiness to a family, but that is not necessarily the case. The addition (or even removal) of a person from a family may cause the family to require a lot of reorganization in order to maintain its normal system [LeMasters, 1957 cited in Twenge, Campbell and Foster (2003)]. The inclusion… View Article

A Role for Equity Theory in the Turnover Process

The purpose o f the present study was to examine the role o f equity theory in the context of the contemporary turnover process. A model was developed and tested with 192 hospital employees using structural equation modeling (SEM), which placed satisfaction and intention to quit as mediators of employee turnover. The results strongly support… View Article

The Relationship of Employee Satisfaction

Saudi Telecom Company (STC) is the largest telecommunication services provider in the Middle East. Its services include “fixed line, data & internet and mobile services” in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (Saudi Telecom Company 2007). STC has adopted its FORWARD Strategy as part of its commitment to its customers. This strategy aims to deliver tailor-fitted… View Article

Customer feedback

The purpose of this report is help Dave Smith, the General Manager of the Landmark Hotel Auckland to improve the hotel’s current customer satisfaction measurement scheme by comparing a range of survey methods and recommends the most appropriate survey programme for the hotel. The report is broken down to two sections. The first section defines… View Article