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Santol Eraser

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Essay, Pages 2 (270 words)



Essay, Pages 2 (270 words)

The Feasibility of Santol (Sandoricum koetjape) as Eraser Statement of the Problem 1. Which part of the santol should be used to make the eraser more durable? 2. Does using the santol seeds affect the erasing ability of the eraser? 3. Will the use of the santol pulp enable the eraser to be dustless when used? Hypothesis 1. If the santol pulp is used in the mixture, then the eraser will be more durable. 2. If the santol seeds are used in the mixture, then there will be no effect on the eraser’s erasing ability.

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3. If the santol pulp is used, then the eraser will produce less dust. Significance of the study

The study is conducted by the researchers to determine the capability of Santol(Sandoricum koetjape) as an added ingredient in making erasers. Rubber, being the main component of erasers, is one of the biggest nuisances of our ecosystem. This study will help lessen the increasing rate of rubber. Using Santol as the main component of the eraser will not only help the environment but also give Santol a new use in the industry.

Methodology Materials * Pliatex mold rubber * Water * Vinegar * 6 Containers * Wax paper * Cookie cutters (optional) * Santol(1 kilo) Procedure For Eraser A: 1. Blend the santol pulp.

Mix the Santol pulp with Pliatex and water, evenly, depending on how large you want the eraser to be (for example, use 10 mL of water,10 mL of Pliatex, and 10 mL of Santol). In a different container, put half as much vinegar as you have combined between Pliatex , santol, and water.

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