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Yes. As what I have checked out, in the beginning, Santa Cruz Guitar Company was having an issue in terms of producing less than 800 instruments a year. The business does not have an official quality department, nor has it purposely attempted to use TQM principles. When there was a trip of its facilities and operations, there was an idea that the SCGC may use the numerous of the principles of TQM which appear. I could state that they really attempting to find ways on how to produce a good quality product effectively and effectively in order to satisfy and to exceed the expectation of the consumers.

Although the SCGC used the modern-day computer system numerical controlled (CNC) devices, it is insufficient to utilize regarding offer an excellent product or services to the clients due to the fact that for me, it is a matter on how the management makes choice on how do they manage or run their company operations and the quality procedures.

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The SCGC have six workstations at which the guitars are progressively put together as they move from station to station. They have empowered the experienced luthiers to make their own quality choices, staff each station. It is step by step process. The guitar can not move on to the next station till the luthier and another more senior luthiers were pleased with the quality of the work. The company works with only those who desire to operate in a group environment and have enthusiasm for guitar making.

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I might say that the Santa Cruz Guitar Business (SCGC) was constantly improving the quality of their items and services, and the quality of its procedure in order to satisfy and surpass the consumer expectations. They had the ability to enhance the efficiency of organizational processes in their business operations. From the leading management of SCGC to workers plays a role offering quality services and products to the clients.

The SCGC relates through adopting the Total Quality Management (TQM) principles in which they were able to use or applied it in order to meet and to exceed their customer expectations which are the following: 1. The management produces quality work the first time. It means that the quality is built into the processes for producing products or providing services, and continual improvement measures are taken to ensure processes work every time. Employees are empowered to make decisions to improve a process and are provided with continual training to develop their skills. 2. They focus on the customer. It involves designing products or services that meet or exceed the customer’s expectations and involves the product itself, its functionality, attributes, convenience and even the means by which the information about a product is received by a client.

3. They have strategic approach to improvement. By having the strategic approach to improvement, processes are developed and tested to ensure the products or services quality. This also involves making sure suppliers offer quality supplies needed to produce products. 4. They improve continuously. It means always analyzing the way work is being performed to determine if more effective or efficient ways are possible, making improvements and striving for excellence all the time. 5. They have encouraging mutual respect to each other and teamwork. It is important to have mutual respect and teamwork because it fosters a single-organizational culture of excellence by knowing that every employee from top to bottom of the hierarchy holds the same core principles at heart.

I agree to the SCGC that their success lies in their small staff of 14 crafts-people or also known as luthiers who apply care and attention to detail. The luthiers have shown that each of them had a mutual respect to each other and they have teamwork. Those five TQM principles that are mentioned above are the principles that SCGC have applied for their business operations and for their quality of product processes so that they will become productive or effective and efficient. In that way, the management or the company may able to meet and to exceed their customer’s expectations and their business will become more profitable.

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