Sandwich Blitz Case Study Essay

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Sandwich Blitz Case Study

After reading the latest scenario that the Sandwich Blitz management team must ponder pertains to one of their restaurants not being with in a newly changed health code. The dumpsters are too close to the store which violates the new laws. The government official not only informed the restaurant manager that Sandwich Blitz was in violation of the law he also offered to overlook it for a price. This offer has put the management into an ethical dilemma. The restaurant manger did not agree to anything instead he met with Chief executive officer, Dalman Smith and explained the dilemma. According to the new health rules that the local departments are following garbage dumpsters need to be at least 30 feet (9.144 meters) from the back door of restaurant. The new laws also require that the out buildings by farther than 6 feet (1.8288 meters) from edge of our property lines. Sandwich Blitz has an enclosure that stores the garbage dumpster is only 5 feet (1.524 meters) from the edge of the property. (Sandwich Blitz case study, 2012) Due to being a foot to close the property line Sandwich Blitz is in violation of the law.

The official looking the other way in exchange for Sandwich Blitz providing food to the holiday party is morally wrong and would go against the integrity of the company. Of the Eight Steps toward Integrity’ Stratford Sherman outlines in his article I feel that “Doing the right thing” step is the one that most fits the ethical dilemma facing Dalman and his trust business unit manager. This step is defined as with the awareness of what’s right come the obligation of right action. That means embodying our convictions—and accepting the consequences. (Stratford, 2003). I chose the do the right thing step because even though we should respect the government official; he is not acting morally correct. Dalman and the manager are aware that this dishonest behavior is wrong. Knowing this they must follow their own veracity and do the right thing even though it will undoubtedly bring extra expenses and consequences to the company.

The integrity and honesty of the company in the big picture will go a lot farther in the view of their customers then the small picture of the government official. Once the general public even perceives a business as dishonest they will chose elsewhere to do their business and spend their hard earned money. Sandwich Blitz will need to make some changes to the current layout of their garbage dumpsters and out buildings. They will need to hire a construction crew and maybe an architect because some of the restaurants are located on very small parcels. Telling the official no will not make him very happy but it is the right thing to do I do not think that the other 7 steps of integrity fit this situation as good as doing the right thing did. Dalman and Lei have worked too hard for a long time “doing the right thing” they cannot stray from their ethics. It would not be a good example to their employees either, it is important for the integrity of the entire business. The management need convey to the employees by actions that they always show the highest regard for ethical behavior.

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