Sandals Resort Essay

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Sandals Resort

Sandals resort is classified as a service. Is not something tangible an individual can buy to bring home to keep or eat, such as a T.V or a steak and potato. The product life cycle state would be the maturity state as it has been in existence for some time. It has made it’s name and is well known by many potential buyers. I would anticipate this type of product, however, could balance between the growth and maturity stages depending on promotions and remarketing strategies. Sandals is positioned in a way to fit into a consumer’s life as a luxury item as it is not a necessity. However, it could be marketed from the point that a long overdue vacation is needed, or a necessity. Sandals resort could be viewed as a destination for a wedding, a honeymoon, an anniversary trip or exciting vacation for a group of friends. Sandals is positioned as a product of value as it is an all-inclusive resort. It is also positioned to offer service, adding all of the amenities of weddings, honeymoons, top of the line restaurants and bars, etc.

The packaging, or brochures and ads consist of couples in love having fun and happy. It pictures sunny white beaches with beautiful blue water. Sandals is positioned to entice an individual to come to their resorts for warmth, sun, love, romance, fun, good food and spirits. The features as well as the benefits of Sandals resort are to offer a one stop-shop vacation. Sandals resorts are all-inclusive so a couple can plan the trip easily knowing what can be spent in total for air-fare, hotel, transportation, food and drinks. There are activities which include but are not limited to scuba diving, tours, golf, dancing, spas, etc. Sandals can be a vacation full of relaxation or one of on-the-go fun. It offers love and romance which appeals to many, especially women.

Pricing – Chapter 9

Competition for Sandals could be other resorts that may not have as much to offer but may be priced lower. A consumer may also feel what they receive for their money is not as much value as a vacation spot where they could bring their own RV, perhaps, and save on hotel. Or perhaps drive and save on air-fare accommodations. Others may not view the all-inclusive package as much value if they do not consume alcohol. Competition may also be those more geared toward young, single consumers. For example, Daytona Beach is a popular site for young individuals during spring-break. Therefore, sales may go down for Sandals during these times. External influences for Sandals would be the weather. Hurricanes can devastate and demolish waterfront resorts causing costly rebuilds and months without income.

The branding that they are all-inclusive could help. If an individual is looking to take a vacation and spend this amount of money, it could be cheaper in the long run to spend one low price on everything rather than separate prices for everything separately. Other branding such as a place to go for love or romance could hinder single individuals from going, hoping to find someone to connect with. It seems the Sandals resorts are priced in line with what most middle to upper class individuals can afford. If they increase the prices, it would prevent some from being able to vacation at their resorts, bring down sales. Sandals does a great job of serving the needs of its customers. They have best price guarantees, offer five-star trained chefs at their restaurants. They have numerous awards for best all-inclusive resort dating back to 2006. They have a high level of customer satisfaction.


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