San Francisco Public Utilities Commission Essay

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San Francisco Public Utilities Commission

1. What are the business goals of SFPUC? How is Knowledge management related to those goals? – The business goal of SFPUC was to capture the knowledge of its retiring employees of “baby boom” age in an efficient and cost effective manner, and then transfer the knowledge successfully to the next generation of employees that would be replacing them. Knowledge management is related to these goals because it was a centralized electronic knowledge base which graphically showed the steps of each task and used videos to gather information and show work being done. This transferred the knowledge of the retiring employees to the new generation in a cost efficient and effective manner. With this the new generation were confident enough to perform their tasks. They basically stored the knowledge of the retiring employees in this and transferred it to the new employees by steps and videos.

2. What were some of the challenges faced by SFPUC? What management, organization, and technology factors were responsible for those challenges? – The challenges faced by SFPUC was to successfully capture, managing, and maintaining reliability and accountability in spite of a large influx of new employees.

3. Describe how implementing EPC improved knowledge management and operational effectiveness at SFPUC. – By implementing EPC it improved the knowledge management and operational effectiveness by creating work order flow for all task performed, defining the role of the employee and responsibility for each task. This help the new generation employees get a better knowledge of how to perform their task and they learned it much quicker, also it help reduce the time duration of doing the work which helped with the budget and workload concerns allowing the organization to focus on extra resource training and human resources.

4. How effective was EPC as a solution for SPFUC? – The EPC helped SFPUC take its baby boomers’ data and knowledge and turn them into usable and actionable information that was easily shared throughout the firm which help the new employees gain confident to preforming the task because of the critical steps and videos. SPFUS stayed under budget than other similar organizations as theirs.

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