Samsung Sustainability Essay

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Samsung Sustainability

Samsung for the past 3 years has been sharing their sustainable accomplishments through a sustainability report. This report demonstrates the impact Samsung had on people, society, and the environment. The structure for their sustainable report closely resembles that of an annual report. It is divided into three parts: Sustainability overview, Material issues, and Facts and figures. They monitor their accomplishments by setting benchmarks for each year. An example of these benchmarks: in 2011 they have reduced greenhouse gas emission by 40% compared to 2008, and the number of eco friendly products has been increased to 97%. Compared to Apple Samsung absolutely dominates the sustainability side of the industry. Apple faces no CSR leadership or team, and it seems that they lack stakeholder engagement. Also, according to the article, “5 Reasons Why Apple’s CSR Strategy Doesn’t Work” Apple has a reactive CSR strategy.

The article describes Appple’s CSR strategy as the “Little Dutch Boy” Strategy.” In other words, Apple bothers to act only when there’s a complaint or protest against the company, hoping like the little Dutch boy that poking its fingers in the holes in a dyke will stem the flow and let the company go back to concentrate on designing and selling great products (Godelnik 1). Samsung’s sustainable efforts deeply relate to their vision and mission statement, “inspire the world, create the future.” They are in fact shaping the future by They are definitely doing this by tackle global issues such as the polarization of society, poverty and famine. These efforts are indeed real. Samsung is engaging in a variety of activities for local communities such as support programs for children, teen education, medical benefits for low-income families and their global social contribution initiative, the Samsung Hope for Children. In 2011, Samsung Hope for Children program activities were conducted in 30 countries in nine different regions.

They plan to expand the program to 55 countries including Turkey, Malaysia, Canada and more. In October 2011, Samsung unveiled its first Solar-Powered Internet School in South Africa. The solar panels, installed on the roof of a12-meter long container house, can generate enough electricity to power and operate all the electronic equipment inside the classroom for up to nine hours.

This allows students to concentrate on their studies without having to worry about electricity or Internet connectivity Up to 21 students can use the classroom which is equipped with a 50-inch electronic display screen, Internet-enabled solar-powered notebooks, Samsung Galaxy tablets as well as Wi-Fi-enabled cameras. I believe that Samsung does have a competitive advantage because it is truly helping the world and at the same time it is reshaping it for the better. If building a fully solar powered internet school in Africa isn’t helping the world, I don’t know what is. Further, Samsung as a company doesn’t have any ethical concerns. In my opinion, Samsung has covered all aspects of CSR, and they are truly a company to be admired.

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